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Books and stories written by OAC evangelists

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OAC Evangelists are not, on the whole, known for taking long to communicate their message. A Gospel presentation rarely lasts more than a few minutes. However, what they are achieving through their ministry is definitely worth knowing. The following books will give you a glimpse of some of what is going on.

Christ and the Kalashnikov, the inspiring story of Ian Loring (OAC evangelist in Albania)

as told to Muthena Paul Alkazraji, published by Marshall Pickering, 2001


Avaliable from Wesley Owen by clicking on the 'cover' (or from many other good bookshops in the UK and USA -drop title into Google) - but please feel free to return to OACI after you have bought it!

2 books by Korky Davey:

Biblical Patterns of Evangelism Today, a personal viewpoint, with plenty of experience! 2001

Jesus - Fact and Faith, understanding what the Bible really says about him and how we should respond, 2005

Both of his books can be viewed and downloaded on/from the web here

OACI -> aids