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Open Air in Olso, Norway

Open Air in Olso, Norway

Norwegian countryside

Norwegian countryside

This is Norway

Population: 4,504,000
Official language: Norwegian
Capital: Oslo
Evangelicals: 88 % (10%)

A bit of history

Norway is a long mountainous country at the very top of Europe. Norway is noted for its natural phenomena, particularly the midnight sun and the northern lights. In the three northernmost counties of Norway, the sun is visible in the sky twenty-four hours a day from mid-May to the end of July. This enables you to do things you can’t do anywhere else in the world, such as play a round of golf at midnight!
The conversion of Norway to Christianity started in around 1000 and was a result of contact with Christian Europe through a combination of trade ties and Viking raids. Missionary activities conducted by the Anglo-Saxon church as well as from Germany and Denmark also helped Christianity to gain.
Norwegian religious expression is largely private; whereas most individuals state that religion is important to them, this is not generally expressed through active religious participation in organized communities. While roughly 88% of the population belong to the Church of Norway, only 10% attend church services or other Christianity-related meetings more than once a month.

The Purpose of OAC

Open Air Campaigners’ main purpose is to bring the gospel to people, primarily at street meetings and outreach events as well as to equip individuals and congregations to creative communication. Almost every week we have street meetings in Oslo, the capital of Norway. We preach the gospel through sketchboard and gospel magic. In the summer season we often have crowds of about 50 people listening, and good conversations afterwards. During the summer we attend several music festivals, often with teams invited by local churches to evangelize. In winter we spend a lot of time in churches and Bible schools where we preach and teach.

How OAC started in Norway

David Fanstone from OAC England visited Norway back in the 80s. In 1996 Torben Oestermark from OAC Denmark started to visit Norway regularly, with the vision of starting a branch in Norway. Finally in September 2005, a branch of OAC was started in Norway.

National director: Hartvig Kloster.


Open Air Campaigners, Hovsveien 20A, 1831 Askim, Norway


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