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OACI in Switzerland ... and Wyoming

OAC SWITZERLAND began in 1982 when Kurt and Susanne Schäfli and family (now working in the U.S.A. among the Arapaho and Shoshone Indians in Wyoming) returned to Switzerland after training in Germany. Open-air meetings (and indoor ministries) for children, teens, adults and old folks since that year have reached thousands of souls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Many christians and churches have also been trained in evangelism with visual aids, and books and tools have been produced to equip youth group leaders and pastors to do an effective job in our modern fast communicating world.

Today, seminars do take place in different Bible Schools and OAC evangelists from all over Europe help in outreaches. Switzerland needs more workers for the field - pray about it and contact us if you feel called. Depending on your former training it will take from a few months to at most 2 years to get started as a full time evangelist. Staff workers able to communicate in German, French and Italian are needed.

Beautiful Switzerland proves God's creativeness and loving care for us in time; the Gospel brings the hope for eternity! (Above)

Training for the board
(Left) OAC seminar students working with brushes to visualize the Gospel on a sketchboard. It's not all that difficult - but very effective!

OAC seminar students using balloons to tell a Bible story. Animal figures can be created as well as objects, eg a sword to symbolize the Bible. (Right)

You can order the typical Swiss magnet-sketchboards and visual aids from the national chairman. Please use the contact form and we will forward your order.

OACI -> where we are -> europe