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OACI in the Ukraine

The Ukraine is situated to the north-west of Romania, (with the little country of Moldova in between) and at 600,000 km2 is the second largest country in Europe. The population is 50 million.

Once under Communism, Ukraine now enjoys inreased freedom of speech and religion. The OAC Ukrainian evangelists, who are Bible college graduates, freely hold open-air meetings on the streets of Kiev and in other cities. They work in partnership with churches and Bible Colleges, for whom they also provide evangelism training. Other outreaches include programmes in schools and orphanages, where many young people are searching for hope and answers to their problems. Having been failed by Communism, and suffering financial hardship in a developing democracy, most Ukrainians are very open and responsive to the good news of the gospel, as it is proclaimed by our national evangelists.

Anatoly Kushnirchuk (Director)
Stelmaha Str, 5/62
Kiev region

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OACI -> where we are -> europe