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The land of the Reformation, begun when an Augustinian monk, Martin Luther pinned his '95 Theses' on the church door at Wittenberg in 1517, the evangelisation of Germany remains only partial. A land which since that time has had a conflictive history, not least during the 20th century, remains divided between East and West economically, between Catholicism and Protestantism.. and Islam religiously, between secularism and new spirituality. In short, Germany may be the largest nation in the EU by population and its principle economic power, but it is desperately needy spiritually.

OACI in Germany

Germany was OAC's first European nation. The initial work of OAC was begun by a US missionary, Keith Rudkin in 1964. Later, Ulrich Hofius took over as the OAC director. A new ministry gradually developed around Uli which is now mainland Europe's largest OAC national ministry.

Based half way between the Rhine-Ruhr region with its 20 million inhabitants and the financial and transport centre Frankfurt, the OAC base in Siegen has a number of full and part time staff who travel differing distances as they are able. Thus there is a flourinshing local ministry in the Open Air, children's activities and church and camping outreaches, together with a broader national and international outreach and training ministry. There are also staff based in the north and east, particularly unevangelised regions.

The International ministry of OAC Germany concentrates mainly on Hungary and Slovakia, but often includes other countries. Germany was fundamental in the establishment of the work in Austria and earlier, in Switzerland.

For more information about this ministry, please go to the national site.

OAC Germany is also on Facebook, but if you aren't on FB, you can still see their updates at: oac-d.de/index.php?id=75

OACI -> where we are -> europe