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School ministry in Jamaica

School ministry in Jamaica

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Here is a report from Paraguay, summer 2006:

During the first week of August, we had team of 12 people come from a homeschooling school in Atlanta, GA. There were 8 students accompanied by 4 adults. The students have studied at least 1 year of Spanish, which is a help as they try to communicate with the people from here. This year, though, there was a special addition to their knowledge. Their team leaders taught them to introduce themselves in Guarani- the 2nd official language of Paraguay. Was it a HIT!!! It provided an immediate connection with the people as they were awed and appreciative that these students could speak a few words in their preferred language. During the week, the team traveled and held campaigns in schools and in the open air in the south of Paraguay, here in Asuncion, and out to the Chaco to the Indians. We didn't only take the gospel to them, but much needed clothes, food, and 'earthly' light in the form of kerosene latterns- a double blessing for them. We estimate that 7,000 people throughout Paraguay heard the gospel that week! Many claimed to have received Christ- the Lord truly knows. We pray that the Lord continues to work in the lives of those who heard.

At one particular school here in a suburb in Asuncion, we found out that the students had been told there would be no classes that evening because a special presentation would be given. The parents were also notified. We were told that there might not be many students becuase of this. We prayed that the Lord would bring the people who were ripe for the gospel. He did! The crowd consisted mainly of parents, and several acknowledged responding to the gospel. One lady had a huge smile on her face and kept saying how blessed they were that night for us to be there. Before the meeting had started, a young boy was noticed. He was a student from the afternoon session of school, but said he'd stay and watch, which he did. At the end, one of the highschool team members, along with an OAC member who went to translate, shared the gospel with him. He prayed right there in the courtyard of the school to accept Christ! It was not only a blessing for this young man, but an encouragement for this team member to lead someone to Christ! There were tears of joy and prayers of thanksgiving for this opportunity!!

God has also been using OAC in Paraguay, not only for gospel outreach in many places, but also to begin new works (churches). One place is thirty minutes outside of the capital in Ycuadure, Luque. Another is in Capitan Miranda, about 4 hours outside of the capital. In Paraguari, about 1 1/2 hours away, land has been purchased and plans are in the making to begin the foundation for the church that has started there.

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