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Although we ultimately trust the Lord to supply our needs, we are grateful to all who wish to contribute to the on-going expenses of our ministry.


In general it is easiest to donate via your national branch. This way you will be able to be in touch with the ministry locally, which will give you opportunities to hear more and attend supporter events. But we warn you: you might end up getting involved directly in the work!

To find your local branch, please use the links on the national pages:
Rest of the World

We have recently been given several links for donors in North America who wish to donate directly from this site:

1. Donate to an OAC staff person or project in the USA should point to: USA

2. Donate to an OAC staff person or project working in ALBANIA should point to: Albania

3. Donate to a staff person or project under the direction of David Wilson's Overseas Ministries (Mexico, Ecuador, Paraguay, India, Russia, Ukraine, Canada should point to: OAC Overseas Ministries

4. Donate to staff or the general ministry in Canada go to: Canada donations.

OACI -> Projects