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Short Term Ministry Opportunities

A Pantomime Team (Vienna 2005)
If you have a few weeks to spare, why not consider joining us on one of our short-term outreaches? We run programmes in many countries for periods ranging from a week to a year.

Break the Culture Barrier

You will learn firsthand about another culture. Some of your assumptions may be challenged as you work with Christians from other backgrounds. You will share the joys and frustrations of life in another country. And when you return home, you will find that you have learned about your own culture too!

Experience the Missionary Challenge

You will see for yourself what the Great Commission means in a worldwide context. You will work alongside full-time evangelists. If you are considering a career in mission, this is a great way to start!

Learn New Skills

Our outreaches all include a training component. You will learn to share your faith more effectively in a variety of contexts.

Julia Vienna 2004

Preach the Gospel Message

You can play a part in taking the Good News of Jesus Christ to people who might never hear it any other way.

The key cross-cultural, short-term opportunities that we currently have available are on the following pages. Other opportunities may be found through the national sites which you can locate through the branch presentations: http://www.oaci.org/where/index.html

Interested? Want to get involved? Need to know more? Looking for alternative opportunities, short or long term? Fill in the following Contact Form with your email address, some basic information about yourself and your specific area of interest. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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OACI -> Projects