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Easter Outreach


Easter, or Holy Week is a major religious festival and holiday week across Europe. It takes a number of different aspects, depending on the religious background of the country and the climate, but everywhere in Europe this is an opportunity to get out of the winter mode and back onto the streets, take in some fresh air and enjoy a change of atmosphere.

In Spain, particularly in the southern region of Andalucía. Floats with scenes from the passion of Christ - under the watchful gaze of local 'virgins' (statues, which are the object of worship -not pre-teen girls, although that also), are processed each night round the city, while the young people take the opportunity to get out again after the long nights of winter.

With the streets crowded with people, most actually only partly interested in the religious nature of the event, it is nevertheless, an opportunity to talk religious themes to people open to be presented with a new way of looking at Christ.

Baeza, 2005

A small team worked in this southern Spanish city for Hoky Week 2005. Thanks if you were able to pray for us during the campaign. Pray for contacts and the local church as it follows up the contacts made.

Full report available at password protected site: http://www.prayforspain.com/baeza/index.html baeza/baeza

More about Spain in general: http://www.oaci.org/europe/index16.html
and much more: http://www.prayforspain.com/

Easter 2006 - Budapest

In 2006, OAC Germany organised an outreach in Budapest, Hungary. A report of the activity is available on request.


No plans are yet confirmed for Easter 2007. We will post them as soon as they are available.

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