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Alba Iulia

Although Traian is the Executive Director of OAC in Romania the work doesn’t depend on him alone. He, with his wife Lidia, lead a very gifted group that God has gathered together from the Baptist, Pentecostal and Independent Churches. They cross denominations to make sure there are regular open air meetings and that the three children’s clubs have a programme every week.

Top row left to right:
Ligia Ritea, Corina Fat, Traian Opruta, Ciprian Florea, Lidia Opruta, Luci Lupean, Dani Enyedi, Paul Wakefield, Corneliu Popa, Adi Chioreanu, Andrei Moldovan, Artur Ille, John Yates, Delia Mihaltan, Timea Ille.

Bottom row left to right:
Anda Olar, Ana Maria Ratiu, Mihaela Enyedi, Elena Popsor, Little Lidia, Anca Cinghina, Lidia Alexandru, Loredana Jucan.

Alba Iulia team Autumn 2006

OACI -> where we are -> europe -> romania