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Mid-summer update, 2005

Dear praying friends, greetings from Romania.

The wedding of Traian & Lidia took place without any problems; they both looked great and are now honeymooning in Greece.

Due to unforeseen financial circumstances the outreach in Bucharest hasn't taken place and the Blocksidge family that had come to help us have left to Great Britain.

The plans for the 'open air' weeks in Alba Iulia (25th - 29th July) and the (8th - 12th Aug) and the children's camp (1st - 6th Aug) remains unchanged.

Please pray that the mayor will be responsive to our requests and grant us permission for the 'open airs'.

Julie and I are catching up with those tasks that are normally put off like breaking up concrete with a 'jack hammer' Did we sign up for this? There are several other jobs around Beracha and Bethany camp that need doing and we are able to organise and oversee these.

Please pray that our time will be used wisely.

Julie's mum is now out of hospital but is still unwell. Please continue to pray for her.

Julie and I thank you for your prayers


Paul & Julie Wakefield <><
OACI -> where we are -> europe -> romania -> RomaniaNews