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Newsletter, June 2006

“I will proclaim the name of the Lord.
Oh, praise the greatness of our God!
He is the Rock, his works are perfect, and all his ways are just.
A faithful God who does no wrong, upright and just is he.

Deuteronomy 32 vs 3 + 4

With my 50th birthday fading into the distance I entered a time of examination and reflection. After a health check towards the end of last year Julie and I are now into a ministry check. We have been wondering if our time in ministry was coming to an end. Like Moses was enlisted by God for a specific task were we at the end of our journey, was our task complete? The examination is complete and it does look as though we are going to run the race for a while yet at least. As the verse above say’s God’s works are perfect and we will seek to find his way for our lives.


Julie and I attended the OAC conference in Zaventum, Belgium from the 8th – 10th February. As in previous years it was a refreshing time for both of us, meeting other directors and finding out what is happening in other parts of Europe. Our International President joined us for the conference so did our colleagues from Russia. This was the first time their visa application had been accepted. Praise God.


From the conference Julie and I set off across Europe for Romania. We had

reports that the weather in Germany was bad and almost turned back. We carried on and arrived in Alba Iulia on the 13th. While we were there we trained ten people with the sketchboard, visited the children’s clubs; all three are going strong and insulated part of the loft at Beracah.
We were able to look at the team’s initiative to raise money for one of the three summer children’s camps. If you remember from this time last year we told you about the ‘little plate project’ this was resurrected and enough money was raised for one of the three camps. We have also secured funding for the other two camps. The dates will be: - 26th June – 1st July, 3rd – 8th and the 17th – 22nd of July. Pray that God will move in a mighty way through the children and the leaders too!!


Julie and I were part of the Powerpack team that worked with the 5 – 7yr olds at Spring Harvest, Skegness. We were there from the 8th – 18th April which were weeks 2 + 3. Each week we had about 350 children and the main thing was that God was most definitely there too. We had some great meetings with many children becoming Christians and getting filled up with the Holy Spirit. To have the privilege of seeing God plant his seeds in these small vessels is terrific. What lives will they have… only God knows that? We even survived an ‘Ofsted’ visit on the last morning!!

ROMANIA 8th – 30th May

I (Paul) planned to be back in Romania in May but because of our financial problems (see page 5) my visit was cancelled. However we did manage to send Traian some finance and he and the team, accomplished the two main aims of the trip. The first task was to go to Bethany camp to paint and renovate the house and to make safe the water channel that runs along the sports area. This was completed within a week and now is looking really good.
The second task was to renew our links with a church in Constanta that we made about 3 years ago when we did some sketchboard training with them. It was a hectic week for Traian, Lidia, Chip, Arthur and Micky visiting schools and orphanages and preaching in the open air. Several conversations took place but we know of no-one who made commitments to Christ. However the Church was given several addresses for follow-up.


The team is going really well.
From the 29th – 31st March we were at a conference organised by Scripture Union Romania. We learned quite a few things about running camps and through contacts made we will be doing ministry in Cluj and different parts of the country.
We are also running the three children’s clubs every week and from May onwards we will be working on the programme for the three summer camps so please pray for that too. As you probably know it is not easy to organise a camp so please pray.
We were in Budapest from the 8th – 16th April with an international OAC team from Austria, Germany, England, Wales & Slovakia. Working with a local Church which had been started through open airs we did open airs every day in different locations and we trained locals in the afternoons. We trained 5 people in puppetry. It was a good experience for all the team.
On Easter Sunday & Monday here in Alba Iulia we organised a series of open airs in the Cetate Park. Our programme started at 19.00 and 21.00 each night. We had hundreds of people stopping to watch which was a real answer to prayer. We had quite a few good conversations. Some of them we hope and pray will come to Church and we are seeing others to talk a bit more. Pray that the Holy Spirit continues to work. We are so excited about the open airs. We intend to have open airs every Saturday and Sunday up to the summer holidays. Lidia and I are still renovating our flat, not far to go now. It takes a lot of time effort and finance. It was wonderful to see how God provided step by step. We are hoping to move in before the summer, God willing.


It has been quite a busy few months. I have had to plan the strategy for the summer mission with students from the Emanuel High school as well as prepare for my exams. In the last two weeks I have taken 24 exams but finally I have received a diploma in theology.
In my church (Iris) we are looking forward to a Baptism service with 3 people from Aghire Fabrici where I preached at an evangelistic programme this spring and also another 3 people from Cara another place where I went to do evangelistic meetings. I am the spiritual father of one of the teenagers getting baptised.
I am also preparing an evangelistic camp with some students which will be from the 10th – 17th July.


Andrew and Diane’s offer for a property here in Ruddington was accepted and they move in on the 19th June. It will be nice to have them living in the same village.
Rebecca is still working at the finance company. She still wants to go into teacher training but has to reduce her overdraft first.


While Julie and I were in Romania in Feb/March we interviewed Ciprian Florea with a view to becoming our 4th full time evangelist in Romania. I wanted to interview him 2yrs ago but he decided to go to America to see what it was like. Eventually he decided that God wanted him to work in Romania and we all agree!! . Traian writes… ‘During our recent open airs in Alba Iulia one of the exciting things was to see Cip preach and lead the meetings. The first night he did a gospel trick and the second night a sketchboard message. I believe this is a major success. He was quite good at it and I believe that as time passes he will get better. Please pray for the guy, he needs your prayers’.
Subject to a committee meeting approval and the success of his training we will be bringing Cip onto staff in 2007.


As you know for the past two years we have been involved in an extensive building programme at Beracah (see web site). It has enabled us to have a base/office in Romania that is used every day for rehearsals, Bible and prayer meetings and a place for travellers to rest. But, it has left us with £6000 on a credit card at an interest rate of 1.490% per month. We are trying to pay off the outstanding amount but it is proving very difficult, the minimum payment every month is £185 but approximately £87 goes back on. We have recently been promised a gift of £1000 but of course this still leaves £5000. Can you help us to pay off this credit card?

Please send your gifts to the usual address. Please mark your gift ‘visa’ Thank you for standing with us.


Julie, Sally and myself leave for Romania on the 22nd of June.
Julie and Sally will help with 2 of the 3 children’s camps doing the craft.
Julie and Sally fly back to the UK on the 10th July
Paul, Traian and Lidia come back to the UK on the 16th August
Grapevine at Lincoln 27th Aug – 1st Sept:
Paul, Traian and Lidia return to Romania on the 5th September
Paul returns to the UK on the 29th October

We all thank you for your support and prayers, pray for the gospel to be preached this summer and for souls to be saved.

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