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December 2006

Dear Friends

Welcome to the festive season and the last newsletter of 2006. If you are reading this you have survived another year!! Whatever it has been like it is good to know that in every situation ‘God is with us’ We look back on some great ministry opportunities God has been and is doing some amazing things in the hearts of people.

Quote: ‘Christmas began in the heart of God. It is complete only when it reaches the heart of man’

On August 19th my mum passed away peacefully in her sleep, she was 87 yrs old. She had slowly been deteriorating and although difficult maybe it was a blessing. The funeral was on 31st August. Thank you to all who attended.


At the end of August, Traian, Lidia, Julie and I were at the Lincolnshire showground as members of the ‘Powerpack’ team and 600 children!! This was the biggest yet and seems will be even bigger in 2007. One child said, (when seeing adults on the floor) “I thought that was only for children”


We set off back to Romania on the 6th September and our first ministry opportunity with Traian and the Alba Iulia team was in a village near a town called Blaj. The local school was hired by our contact and over the next four days an average of 100 children attended. It was a great time and after the appeal to become a Christian all the children stepped out and went to their leaders to pray (except 10 boys who at the last minute decided to play football). Please pray for a team there and that they will be able to start a weekly club in the village.


Cristi was asked to facilitate the evangelistic vision of the school by training the students to do evangelistic work, starting with street evangelism. Cristi says,” The hope is to implant this activity into their hearts, imagine hundreds of students with the desire to share Gods gospel”


With the help of gifts and a loan from a Romanian man we were able to purchase a car for Cristi’s ministry. The old BMW he has been using for the past 7yrs finally gave up and died. “I might have a buyer for it though” Cristi says!!! We have to repay the loan in February 2007 so if you can help please contact Paul.


If you remember from the previous newsletter we were concerned about a broken water pipe. With the help of your gifts we can report that a replacement was purchased and fitted by Cristi. We thank God for your support. Please pray for Cristi as he administers Bethany camp as well has his ministry.

During the month of October I began to take Romanian language lessons with Lidia. I would like to say at this point that I am now fluent in the Romanian language…but I can’t!! I feel that I’ve made progress and understand a lot more now. (Don’t know what Lidia’s opinion is though)

Also in October Julie flew out to Romania with John Yates (committee) and Sylvain Milazzo (husband of committee member Pat). It was Sylvain’s first time in Romania. He was able to preach in a Pentecostal church, meet all the team and see first hand the work going on. We visited Bethany camp to clear the drains and get it ready for the winter. Someone’s got to do it!! Julie flew home with Sylvain and John and I drove back at the end of October.


We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Ciprean Florea. ‘Cip’ is our OAC Romania trainee. He is being trained by Traian in Alba Iulia and will become an OAC Evangelist sometime in 2007. We have known Cip for sometime now and he is a very gifted evangelist and artist. We will need to find the £170 per month salary for him when his training finishes. At the moment he and his wife ‘Alex’ are living at their church with their living quarters one side an open courtyard and their bedroom the other!! Could be interesting in the winter! As Alex is studying they receive no finance surviving with the help of both sets of parents. Please pray for Cip & Alex and help with the salary if you can. His story is enclosed with this newsletter.


In November I was back in Cardiff meeting other evangelists for our yearly ‘get together’ It was good to meet the guys and catch up with what is happening around GB. God is doing some good stuff through OAC. Please pray for more OAC workers in GB.


Andrew and Diane have settled into their new home. Andrew has just changed his job within the company so he’s training at the moment.
Rebecca has just been told that she is to be trained as team leader in her section.
Julie continues to look after her mum and it has become nearly a full time job for her and then there’s me, of course I’m brill!!!! Please continue to pray for us.
Please pray for Traian, Lidia and Cip as they are in the middle of a Christmas puppet tour. They have approximately 50 performances and estimate that they will travel 1800 miles. Pray for travelling mercies and for strength.

Quote: “Your merry Christmas may depend on what others do for you, but your Happy New Year depends upon what you do for others”

We hope you have a really good Christmas and an even better God filled New Year.

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