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February 2008


Not long now until our son Andrew marries Diane. We fly to Jamaica on the 2nd March for the wedding (finance courtesy of Julie’s mum) returning on the 19th. Please pray that all goes well, Diane isn’t too good at flying.


Julie and I visited Alba Iulia in January spending time with Terry and Lidia. Their news of Lidia’s resignation came as a shock but we can understand how being together 24/7 would not work for everyone. Please pray that Lidia will find a teaching position so she can still help with planning for the children’s clubs and camps. They will certainly be better off financially too!
Please continue to pray for the clubs and the work in Romania. As you can see from Terry & Lidias newsletter it is an exciting ministry.
While we were in Alba, Chip and Alex announced that they were moving to Spain to live/work. This was another blow as Chip was actively involved with the Sintimbru children’s club and unless we get more team members that might have to finish. Please pray for this situation.


Finance continues to be a concern with no real increase in our finances. We have managed to pay off the ministry credit card bill for which we thank you for your help and praise God but prices continue to rise. Please pray about our financial position and help if you can.


We have a plan for ministry, written down, not in Paul’s head. It won’t be new to a lot of you but if you would like a copy to help you pray please contact Paul & Julie for a copy.

We hope you enjoy reading Terry & Lidias newsletter and we thank you for praying for us.

Many blessings to you all

Paul, Julie, Andrew, Diane & Rebecca <><xxxxx
OACI -> where we are -> europe -> romania -> RomaniaNews