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News, June 2008

Dear praying friends

‘Well done good and faithful servant’


We flew into the sun on the 3rd March for Andrew & Diane’s wedding. The hotel was grand the food good and the company great (3 g’s for the Baptists) the ceremony was held against a backdrop of blue sky, palm trees and a clear blue sea. Wonderful!! Jamaica is an interesting/contrasting place to visit, similar to Romania with a huge gap between the ‘haves and the have nots’ It was a wonderful relaxing time for all of us. Thank you for your prayers.


Spring Harvest in April was very successful. There were 220 children aged 5-7 with a few 4 year olds who attend full-time school. The theme was One Hope, looking at eschatology, God’s Hope for us as a church, His people and His world. It looked at Isaiah passages and how Jesus fulfilled God’s plan and ensured our future. We had a superb team and the feedback from children and parents was very positive. We enjoyed lots of new songs from Powerpacks new album ‘The Shine’ had a story machine, with spinning wheels and noises, dramas, games and lots of fun. The worship and response times saw all but 20 of the 220 children become Christians. Many children heard words from God saying ‘I love you’, ‘I’ll be with you’ and ‘I want you to be a doctor’.


In April I flew to Romania for 10 days buying materials for part of Beracahs roof and to arrange for the work to start in May. The tiles have become brittle over the years and we are replacing them with metal sheeting that looks like tiles. (See the roof pictures here) I also spent time with Cristi & Christina in Cluj making several visits to Bethany camp, tidying and chopping wood.

Terry & Cristi on the roof

Terry & Cristi on the roof

The metal roofing goes on

The metal roofing goes on

In May I drove to Romania with John Yates (committee member) and Dave Mcsween a friend of ours from Guildford in Surrey who has been before. Dave has stayed on in Alba Iulia and will be there for a total of three months coming back in the middle of August. He will be helping Traian and the team with the children’s clubs, a puppet tour and the three camps. Please pray that God will give Dave a clear direction for his life. The roof work didn’t go completely to plan as we were only able to replace the rear sloping roof because we couldn’t get the scaffolding to start work on ‘the tower’ part of the house above the office.
Also in Alba Iulia at the moment is Rachel Simmons. Rachel has been a Powerpack team member and friend for many years and has come to see ‘what we do’ She’ll be doing much the same things as Dave, pray that God will use her and bless her during her stay.


Again this year we have three summer camps for children being held at Bethany. Between 40 & 50 children are expected every week. The main theme of the camps is, “Challenged to Survive” and the children will be specifically looking at what it means to be challenged to be different, to know Him, to listen to Him and to thank Him. We have 10 leaders for each week.
Joining the team this year will be Sally, Gillian & Jordan from Sutton Coldfield and Charlotte from Nottingham. They will be there for the first two camps helping with the children’s programme and doing the craft session each day. Pray for, the presence of the Holy Spirit, salvation, rededication, health and safety and great weather!!
I will be leaving for Romania on the 22nd, joining me will be Rebecca, our daughter on her first visit to Romania in 10 years. She is very excited to be going back to meet up with old friends. She will fly home on the 29th. Please pray for travelling mercies.

Pictures to come! Lidia tells a Bible story, Games time, Pictures from 2007


Andrew & Diane have settled well into married life and seem very happy, we now have two Mrs Wakefield’s to answer to!!
Julie continues to take care of her mum and disabled brother and misses ministry in Romania. She plans to go back in August. Me, I’m fine except that after a scan at the hospital they found I’ve got too much fat in my liver… and other places as well.

Hope you have a refreshing summer and see God do mighty things. Thank you for your prayers.

Paul, Julie, Andrew, Diane, Rebecca & the team in Romania <><
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