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News, August 2008


Bec’s certainly enjoyed her time in Romania. We travelled on some of the old roads which she remembered and visited Bethany camp where she spent many happy summers while her Mum & Dad trained Romanians in puppetry, sketchboard and evangelism. She met Cristi who she hadn’t seen for 8 years and wandered up the road reminiscing. Praise God for a good time and travelling mercies.


Paul returned to the UK having spent four weeks in Romania working at Bethany and being a driver for the ‘English ladies’ who came to the children’s camps to come alongside the children and organise the craft sessions. Sally, Gillian, Charlotte & Jordan did a wonderful job helping the children build an ark, painting their faces, platting their hair and getting wet in the river.
Camp 1 was for children from Sintimbru Fabrica, a village near Alba Iulia. This part of the village of Sintimbru is situated on the main road and is separate from the main village. It has a large gypsy population and a very low ‘moral’ living standard. Most of the population work but choose to spend their salary on drink & drugs, supplying the needs of their children are very low on the priority list. The camp hosted 48 Christian/non Christian children. We run a weekly club in Sintimbru, please pray that God will raise up more leaders.
Camp 2 had 46 children attending from different areas of Alba Iulia. Some of them attend churches and another of our weekly clubs and would be Christians already. Some gave their lives to the Lord at this camp. Please pray for them.
Camp 3 had 54 teenagers in attendance, again a mixture of Christian/non Christian. Some attend churches and our weekly bible study group. Six gave their lives to Jesus at this camp.
Mirel wrote this one evening, “Today was special for me. I felt something I had never felt before. I used to always be the first when it came to doing wrong things, but today I decided to call Jesus into my heart and I decided that I will try to give my life to him and to live with God. I felt great tonight. I felt Jesus touching me and I wished that tonight would never finish. I was too embarrassed to go upfront for prayer so I prayed on my own. My heart is clean now whereas before it was bad. I love you Jesus”.
Crina wrote, “I felt something I hadn’t felt before in this camp. I don’t think I can put into words everything that I felt, but I felt that God was with us and he enjoyed everything we did in these special days. I prayed with the leaders for when I would get home, because I will be surrounded by bad people that will try to prevent me from doing the right things, but they will not succeed this time because I know that something special is in my heart, like it were new. Lord, please fill my heart with your will. Leaders, thank you for all that you are doing and ever done for all the children, you are great and I feel like all of us have come to love you like you were our own parents."
Thank God for answered prayers, the Holy Spirit was certainly present, lives were rededicated to Him and the weather was great.


Five days after his return to the UK Paul & Julie left for Romania to spend some time with Korky (OAC GB West Country Director) and his colleagues as they met Cristi, Cristina, Terry & Lidia. They learnt about their ministries and about the vision for Bethany. After a tour of the camp and a marvellous BBQ cooked for us by Cristina and her sister-in-law they expressed a desire to try and raise some finance for the camp. Praise God for good food!! Pray that God will open financial doors for them and they will remain excited about Bethany.


Also in Romania was Dave McSween who came with me in May and stayed! He became part of the team in Alba Iulia and a team leader at the camps. Dave was looking for God’s direction for his life. Pray that Dave will hear God loud and clear and will only be influenced by Him.


Pray for Traian, Lidia and other leaders & children who go to Soul Survivor tomorrow (16th) this is the first time some of the children have been out of Romania. Pray for their host Jon Gore (Kent) for blessing and that financial need will be met and that all will meet God in a deeper more exciting way than ever before.


Traian, Julie and I are looking forward to being members of the Powerpack team once more at Grapevine this year. Please pray for unity in the team and for God to move in an exciting way through the lives of the children and leaders. Pray for Heather, Christine & Nick as they work on the programme.


The main event in our family at present is that Andrew has just become a qualified driving instructor and wants to build a business for himself. So if you live in the Nottingham area and want to learn to drive he would welcome your call on: 07825631328.
Becca, Julie, Diane and myself are OK, everyone’s happy, Praise God!!!

Thank you for your prayers and for taking the time to read this newsletter.

Paul, Julie, Becca, Andrew, Diane & the team in Romania <><xxx
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