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Summer 2009



Starting on Monday the 29th on July we will be starting the summer camps, three this year. First two weeks will be for kids and the third for teenagers. We have worked a LOT to get everything ready and we have prayed and intercedede with the team a lot.More than once we have been warned by God while praying that the devil has plans to come and stop what we are doing. SO this is something that you can really pray against. Also, pray for many other things: safety, loads of the presence of God, great weather, protection, and many more....

Thank you for you support.

In Him, Traian and Lidia Opruta and the rest of the team <><

Wakefield update June 11th

Dear friends,

Julie and myself leave for Romania tomorrow (12th) arriving in Alba Iulia in the evening of the 14th. Our visit will be a short one, staying just 6 days before returning to the UK. We hope to divide our time between Alba Iulia and Cluj. Please pray for travelling mercies. This will be our first visit to Romania this year, obviously we can only go when finance permits, although this year it’s been a case of only going when hospitals permit also. Please pray for good health and a solution to our ongoing financial situation.

This visit is shorter than intended because Julie has her varicose veins removed from both her legs on the 25th, please pray for a speedy recovery. Diane’s (daughter in law) stomach continues to get bigger as the delivery dates continue to change every time she sees a doctor or midwife. We were told initially that the birth would be the end of July now it seems it will be three weeks earlier than that.

Andrew is fine… preparing himself for fatherhood and Rebecca is good too. Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support as we continue to ‘tent make’ where and when ever we can.

Blessings to you all

Paul & Julie<><xx

July Newsletter, 2009

I suppose it’s such a long time since I wrote a newsletter we will almost have to introduce ourselves again. Although regular email updates have been sent out, those who receive newsletters by ‘snail mail’ have missed out a little. If you have an email address and receive newsletters by post can we send your newsletter by email to help reduce costs? Just contact us with your details.


Since our last newsletter we have lost two committee members. John & Leslie Yates decided to move to the South coast to spend their retirement by the sea… and to be nearer to their family. We wish them well as they settle into their new church our prayers go with them both. They still retain an interest in OAC Romania with John expressing a desire to travel there as often as possible and be part of the ministry.


In this ‘credit crunch’ time many people cut spending and giving to charities. In Romania many ministries/missions have had to reduce staff or close altogether. As you know Julie and I receive a small salary from OAC Nottingham (remember we raise all our own finance) but rely on gifts to get through every month. Those gifts have decreased. At the beginning of the year we started the markets again as part of our tent making but decided that it is not a long term solution. In April we started two courses that would enable us to start childminding. Initially, Julie will leave OAC.
The ‘man with a van’ idea is still active. We have had a few jobs but could do with more. If you know of anyone needing a man with a van please give them our number.


In Romania we have two properties, Beracah in Alba Iulia & Bethany Camp in Cluj. We have prayed and analyzed and decided that to sell one or both of these properties would have a devastating effect on the work in Romania. Beracah is used every day (see enclosed letter from Traian) and is self financing if we have guests as they leave a donation (amount suggested by us) towards the ministry.
Bethany camp is an amazing resource to Churches nationwide with many renting it during the year, indeed our summer children’s camps are held there. This year however our reservations are lower than normal. Our solution is to build. At Bethany we are partnered by OAC GB West Country Branch to raise £45,000 initially, to build new accommodation. We already have the foundation in place. The new building will have bedrooms, dining area and kitchen. So far we have raised £6,500 towards the building. Can you support this project? At Beracah we plan to build a multi-purpose building that will be a kindergarten Monday to Friday and be big enough for ministry use too. This will bring in much needed revenue to the ministry and enable us to increase salaries in Romania. At the moment, due to rising prices Terry and Lidia’s monthly salary last two weeks, they depend on regular gifts too. The estimated amount for the building only is £20,000. Can you support this project? For more information use the contact details on page one and for building fund bank details see enclosed sheet.


1) Our committee is now in need of new members. If you are a supporter of the ministry, especially the Biblical principal of proclamation evangelism and think God might want you to serve him on the steering committee then please contact us. Living locally to Nottingham would be an advantage.

2) Also we need someone who can raise funds. The person would have to be supportive of the ministry, be able to write letters to individuals and trusts and be able to communicate the ministry to others.

3) Can you also pray for a couple to act as Bethany camp Mum & Dad. We really need a man who is handy at DIY (Cristi can help) and a woman who can cook. They should be Romanian and live near to Bethany camp in Cluj or nearer. If you know anyone in the area who you think might be suitable please contact us.


Ministry is going well in Romania, people are coming to Christ, being taught and nurtured. In Alba Iulia the team are involved in regular puppet tours of schools as well as open airs and children’s/teenagers clubs. In Cluj Cristi holds evangelistic meetings in Churches and in the open air both in Romania and beyond its borders. He also leads many of his Church study groups. Please pray for more people to join us in spreading the Good News in Romania and eastern Europe.
Congratulations to Cristi & Cristina as they expect their first child in September’ish.
Last month Julie & I were able to visit Romania and had a wonderful time with Terry, Lidia, Cristi, Cristina and their families. I believe we were all encouraged by our time together.
Please continue to pray for the ministry in Romania.


At the time of writing this newsletter Julie and I are not yet Grandparents, we still have 2 weeks to go. Please pray for Diane, her feet are swollen and her blood pressure is high, she has been told the baby is ‘big’ Pray that the birth will go well.
Andrew is doing well at work he seems to be settled at the moment. His driving instructing is good too with plenty of clients. If you are local and need a good driving instructor please contact him on 07825631328.
Rebecca is acting team leader at work for the next few months, she is very busy with extra responsibilities.
Julie’s legs are nearly healed now although they are still a little bruised. Me…. I’m fine.

We thank you for your continued support

Paul, Julie, Rebecca, Andrew & Diane
Traian, lidia & the team in Alba Iulia
Cristi & Cristina in Cluj <><

Updates August




Hi Everyone,

This is to thank you all for the prayers for our new grandson George. He was sent home on Wednesday looking wonderful, his infection level is now at 5 having come down from 12, Praise the Lord and he is feeding well. We have attached a picture of him so you can see who you have been prayer for.


The Wakefield Family x


John Yates and I leave for Romania on Monday 10th. We aim to visit Alba Iulia, Cluj & Vatra Dornei. Our aim is to oversee the construction of new fire escapes for Bethany camp, Cluj, to erect a new fence for the field in Vatra Dornei plus take part in some Open Airs in Alba Iulia with Traian, Lidia and team. Please pray for souls to be saved, travelling mercies, that what we want to accomplish will be accomplished.


Urgent from Traian - August

9th: Dear friends!

We need your prayers for our family at this time. Saturday afternoon we went in the mountains with 2 4x4 bikes. Webmaster translation: Quads. The brakes from the bike that Lidia was on with someone else stopped working and Lidia and the other person that were on the bike were projected in a tree at a quite big speed. Lidia smashed her head against the tree and then she flew 3 meters away from the bike. Her left arm in broken in two placer between the shoulder and the elbow. She had it plastered and did not need surgery for it because the bones are lined up. I will be taking care of her for the next 2 months as she wont be able to do much at all, so we do appreciate your prayers and support.

In Him, Traian and Lidia <><

13th -Lidia update: Hello again!

Thank you spo much for your prayer, Lidia is doing pretty well at the moment. On Wednesday we went to see another's doctor opinion and he said by looking at the x-ray that the fracture looks reasonable. In two weeks time we are going back and if the bone starts to heal he will just change the plaster, if not Lidia will have an operation. So please pray that Lidia's arm will heal and that no operation will be necessary. Thank you.
Will keep you posted.

In Him, Traian and Lidia <><

8th September Update

Salutare! Hello!

I am starting with a piece of good news: Lidia wont be needing an operation for her arm. She will have the plaster for another 5 weeks, and she already had it for over 4 weeks, but we will make it ok with God's help.
Also, please pray for us as we started a holiday club with our church this week. Its going to be different than the previous ones because on the last 2 days of the holiday club we will be launching a big project called Church for Kids. As well as all the kids that will be coming to the holiday club (aprox 200) we will be having many more coming from 17 different villages and towns surrounding Alba Iulia. We are expecting up to 400 kids.
So please cover us in your prayers this week as we are doing this. Also, Sarah Debroon from OAC Australia is here to help us this week.
For latest info and weekly upgraded pictures visit www.oacromania.wordpress.com

In Him, Traian and Lidia Opruta, OAC Romania <><

Time for Europe Rally, November 2009

Come and join us and get the latest from Romania and around Europe at our Nottingham presentation on 8th November, or at alternative locations near you the 13th or 14th. More details here!

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