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Autumn 2009

Wakefield News, October 2009

But do not forget this one thing dear friends;
With the Lord a day is like a thousand years,
and a thousand years are like a day. The Lord
is not slow in keeping His promise, as some
understand slowness.

2Peter3 vs 8&9a

Romania trips

John Yates and I were in Romania in August visiting Vatra Dornei, Cluj and Alba Iulia.
At Bethany camp near Cluj we worked with a team from Alba Iulia replacing the plastic water pipes with a rubber’ish type one. New pipes were laid to the kitchen and the house. Digging the channel to lay the pipes was particularly hard work as we had to dig through stones and concrete. Yatsie and I were thankful for the ‘young’ team that accompanied us.
While we were there a long term project/ambition was fulfilled. Cristi and I have long wanted to put a small road up the hill and finally we managed to secure the services of a ‘man down the road’ with his digger and the road was dug. This gives us access to the forest and one of the best views on the planet. (Paul’s opinion) We also managed to enlist the services of Lidia’s dad and builder Addie to erect a metal staircase to one side of the barn as a fire precaution. We have to buy or build a ‘pull down’ ladder for the other side as we do not have enough room to erect a fire escape. Pictures of the work done will soon be on the web site's Bethany camp 2009 page.
We also went north to Vatra Dornei to erect a ‘cheap’ fence to one side of the land we have there. Purchased in 1996 with a vision to erect a Christian centre on it we have always hit problems, unacceptable building plans initially obstructed by the local orthodox Priest, then by various people along the way. Pray with us for Vatra Dornei and the local Baptist Church there. Finally, we had some chill out time in Alba Iulia with Traian, and Lidia. Open Airs were organized but cancelled due to rain.

On the next trip to Romania Paul will be accompanied by a friend, James Woolgar. James is a young man of twenty something and attends Ruddington Baptist Church with his parents; he wants to do something for God but as yet doesn’t know what. Please pray for James as he starts this exciting journey of discovery. Please pray that God will reveal His purpose for James’ life whether in Romania or elsewhere. They will be in Romania from the 25th October – 1st November.

Property Progress

Being able to put the road up the hill at Bethany camp was an amazing example of Gods timing as over the years things never seemed to work out. Another example is the building of the foundation for the new building which has remained ‘just a foundation’ for maybe 10 years… until a man with some friends came to have a look last year. The man was Korky Davey who is the Director of OACGB’s West Country Branch based in Bristol. He came and saw and caught the vision for the new building and he went away and raised probably 99% of the total cost. We are amazed at this and we continue to praise God for this. We hope to start construction in the Spring of 2010. Praise God for the people who have given towards this project.

Meet the team - in person

Korky is one of a few amazing men and women that are OAC evangelists. With an evangelistic ministry going back 30 years or so his stories are legendary within OAC and you have a chance to meet him. As you can see from this flyer we are having a presentation of the ministry on November 8th at St: Peters Rooms, Ruddington, Nottingham NG11 6HD (postcode if you want to come from afar via SatNav) from 3pm – 5pm. Along with Korky who will be giving a world view of ministry will be Chris Mathieson, OAC’s European Director who will be giving a European perspective and Traian & Lidia who together with us will be presenting the ministry in Romania. We hope to have representatives from OAC’s ministries in Albania & Austria with us too. We will also be in Bristol & London. See here for all the details!


The family is well, Rebecca has just started back to work after being bit in the face by a dog, and her top lip was hanging off. Fortunately after micro-surgery there is only little scaring on the top lip which you can’t see unless close up.
Diane & Andrew are enjoying waking up in the middle of the night for Georges feeds; he is showing them who is the boss. Anyone who says having a baby will not change their lives need to ring Andrew & Diane!!!
George continues to be a great blessing to us, he has started smiling and we love being grandparents, taking him for walks then taking him home when he needs a feed!
Julie & I have had our first inspection for Childminding and expect to receive our certificates in 5/6 weeks time. Already Julie has had one definite commitment with several people expressing an interest. Until the childminding starts we continue to stand markets and gardening as we continue our tent making.

We want to thank you for being with us in this ministry and hope to see you in Nottingham, Bristol or London. Come with your questions and your requests.

Does God want you to work with us? What you might have thought impossible is possible; doing the impossible is everyday business for God.


Paul, Julie, Rebecca, Andrew, Diane & George
Traian & Lidia
Cristi, Cristina & Lois <><

This letter as a PDF

If you'd like to print this out, download the October 'pdf' here!

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