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News from Romania, 2011

News letter, October

Read our latest news here (PDF)!

Personal news, 22nd September

Dear All

Charlie William Wakefield was born today at 11.56. He weighed 9lb 1oz. Mother and baby are doing fine, he has already had a feed and 'liked it'
Thank you for your prayers


Update 11th September

Just a quick note to ask you to pray for us this next week. At 3.00 (GB time) Monday, I leave home to catch the bus that will take me to Luton airport and a flight to Cluj Romania. The purpose of the trip is to:-

1) Buy materials to build the new building at Bethany camp. We do not know the cost exactly because prices have risen while we waited for the necessary permissions to be granted. We might need our Lord to do a 'loaves and fishes' with our money!!! Cristi will be helping me find the necessary bricks etc: and arrange transport to get everything up to the camp.

2) We will be going up to Vatra Dornei (up north) to organise the sale of our field. We have to find an estate agent to handle the sale. We tried to do it ourselves, we had a few enquiries but nothing certain. Pray that we find a buyer at a good price.

3) I will be visiting the guys at Alba Iulia, Terry, Lidia, Natan (for the first time) Delia and the rest of the team. Its been a while since I was there.

4) Keep Julie & Diane in your thoughts and prayers while I'm away, they will be childminding together. Julie has her operation in a month or so on her hand, they are going to take some bone out of her thumb and Diane who is due to give birth in about 2 weeks time!!!
Thank you for your prayers

Many blessings


Summer ministry blog

Rob and Gayle George, from Australia, joined us over the summer. They sent us this pdf report in stages.

Update 23rd June from Traian

Dear friends!

Summer camp 2011
We hope you are well...
The summer brings many ministry opportunities. We are now heavily involved in getting the summer camps ready... We would very much appreciate your prayer support!

27th June - 2nd of July- children camp Alba Iulia (a sort of holiday club)- approx 55 children
4th- 8th July Town camp Santimbru fabrica- aprox 40 kids
11th- 17th of July – Teenagers camp- approx 50 teenagers

We will be having Rob and Gayle George from OAC Australia helping us for all three camps and for Reach the city and James and Rowena for the town camp.

Please pray for:
-the presence of the Holy Spirit and transformed lives. Its the main goal in the camps!!!
-rededication on the fallen ones, spiritual growth for the saved ones, and for the ones who are not saved to be born again.
-pray the the plans of the enemy will be destroyed and divine protection throught the blood of Christ!
- good relationships between leaders and leaders, and between leaders and kids...
- pray for wisdom for the leaders . - good weather
-no accidents
-travel mercies any other prayers are welcomed!

Also starting on the 25th of July to the 8th of August we are going to have a time of training, street preaching campaigns and kids ministry in villages, being helped by a international OAC team. Please pray for that too.... And to finish up the summer programme, in the second week in September we are having a one week holiday club followed by 2 days of Church for kids.! Thank you for your support and prayers!

In Him, Traian, Lidia and Natan Opruta,

OAC Ministries Romania <><

Newsletter June 2011

A  Car for Delia

A Car for Delia

Our latest news is now available as a PDF. Dowload it here! We also encourage you to read our request for support for a new car for our administrator.

Update 19th April from Traian

Dear friends!

Guess who isn't getting baptised... yet!

Guess who isn't getting baptised... yet!

With God's help, Lidia delivered our first baby this afternoon at about 5 o clock. Its a boy and his name is Natan. She had an extremely hard labour but in the end the baby was born ok. The ombilical cord was strangeling the neck, but the doctor spotted it in time and managed to save the baby. Please continue to pray for both of them especially Lidia as she is very week and fainted this afternoon trying to go to the toilet.
Thank you!

In Him, Traian, Lidia and Natan <><

Pre Easter Prayer request

8th April
Dear praying friends

Please will you remember in your prayers two of OAC Romania’s lady evangelists. Their prayer needs are very different but both important.

From Traian.

Lidia has been in hospital since Monday morning with a severe urinal infection having 39 Celsius temperature and chronic pain. She has been put on antibiotics but she is still under a lot of pain. She is in the 35th week of pregnancy and we are quite concerned about the baby, PLEASE PRAY for her and the baby. Thank you

In Him, Traian, Lidia and the baby <><

From Dahlia (accountant +)

Hi, Please pray for me because I need it very much. I have 2 prayer requests:

Thank you very much for your support in prayer.

May God bless you and reward you for your effort, bye-bye!
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