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News from Romania, 2012


OAC Romania Christmas puppet tour

Dear praying friends,

We had a full week of reharsing this week and we are ready to kick off the start of our Christmas Puppet tour here in Romania. The puppet play is called Hai Hui in Ajun, which translated means Wondering on Chrisman Eve and it’s the story of a little boy who goes to several places on Christmas eve and discovers who was Jesus, how he was born and why did he come into this world.

Puppet tour 2012-1
Its going to be a hectic December, we will be travelling quite a bit around the country so please pray for travelling mercies.

Also pray for the puppeteers (photo on left from left to right: Robert Ulesan, Delia Mihaltan, Andreea Bolea and Traian Opruta) as two of them are new this year, Robert and Andreea, pray that we all have strength in our arms, backs and knees.

Please also pray for health, Traian and Lidia have a really bad cold which seems to be a very strong one for over a week and Delia is in a lot of pain due to a wisdom tooth.

Nevertheless pray the God’s message will be powerful, hearts will be touched and people will get to know God better this Christmas through the puppet play.

Thank you for you prayers and support, they are very much needed and appreciated.

Below you can see some pictures of the puppet play during the reharsals.

In Him, OAC Romania puppet team <><
Puppet tour 2012-2
Puppet tour 2012-3
Puppet tour 2012-4
Puppet tour 2012-5
Puppet tour 2012-6
Puppet tour 2012-7

Happy Birthday!

12th November. Please join us in congratulating Cristi & Cristina (OAC Cluj/Romania) on the birth of their second daughter Abigail.
We have no birth details at present but as you can see from the pictures she is...brill!!!

Abigail 2

Praise God the giver of Life

Financial difficulties

20th November

Dear Praying Friends,

I was beginning to think that I would not have to write this email as I thought we were surviving this recession but sadly we are not. Since Dericks illness and subsequent retirement from his position as OAC Nottingham/Romania treasurer OAC GB asked its main accountant to ‘check the books’ He found that our expenses are more a month than our income. A few days after we were notified that a major financial supporter has to examine his finances and might not be able to give as in the past. Therefore we could be looking at a monthly income-outgoing gap of £400.

I write to all supporters past and present to ask if you can increase your giving to us or maybe your circumstances have changed and you can financially support us again. Maybe you have some ideas about raising finance, or you know a fund raiser or maybe pray or do all of the above.

As our expenses are only minimum salaries and taxes, both here and in Romania it is hard to start a cost cutting exercise.

What we are specifically asking for is that people would give £10 or £20 per month by Standing Order. If you could make it a one or two year commitment that would be great and if it could be ‘Gift Aided’ even better.

Please remember that in OAC we do not have large offices to keep warm and lit, the office at the base in Romania is used by Terry, Lidia and Dahlia the accountant. Only Terry & Lidia receive a salary.

Cristi in Cluj also receives a salary but works from home.

Your £10 or £20 a month really can make a difference especially to the child, teenager or adult that does not know Jesus.

Please will you prayerfully consider this email. I know it is a tough time for everyone and like I said it’s not an email I wanted to write.

Blessings to you all

Paul & Julie and the Romania team.


Here is the latest email from Cristi with regards the building at Bethany camp. Please pray for him, his wife Cristina gives birth to their second child in about 2/3 weeks.

"We had a very busy time with the department of Construction Inspectors. They required a list of qualified engineers to oversee the development of the project, and a different paper from the architect. I have sorted this out and I am waiting for their response, but we are still able to carry on with the building project. The department now has to reply and say which of the phases of the construction they will need to check for themselves. It is a normal request, obviously I had to pay this department a percentage of the entire cost of the building.

"Things are working fine. By the way, as I was coming from the camp last night, I have seen a wild hog in the street, it was the first time in my life when I seen one in nature.

"Important also, money for the camp guard, we are well behind the schedule with payments, it needs to be sorted out when you can. I don't think that we will start the brick work this autumn, but I will need to contract a team of builders for the brick work, so I will need to pay some money in advance.

"I will greet you next time."



19th I have just received this prayer request from Cristi (OAC Romania, Cluj) Thank you for your prayers


Please pray for me and the team as we will be tomorrow in maximum security prison in order to perform a baptism of 3 men that gave their live to Christ. Pray for power in the message, for anointing upon every soul that will attend, pray for liberation of souls. It will be tomorrow at 13.00

25th Cristi writes….

Today (24/09/2012) the new building project at Bethany camp began.
To refresh your memory this will be a building housing a dining/kitchen area on the ground floor and bedrooms and bathrooms on the first floor.
The pictures show digging out some soil that was within the foundation in order to be replaced with rubble. The soil was used to raise the drive way bringing it to the same level as the games area. It was a good day, Praise God.
The soil that remains within the foundation will be compacted, then a special fabric membraine laid on the ground, insulating all the concrete foundations follows then the rubble on top.

Please remember Cristi in your prayers as he organises the construction work bringing in the right craftsman at the right time.



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