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Newsletter, March 2004

Dear Friends

HAPPY NEW ……errr, 9 months!!!

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2004! “What happened to the January newsletter?” I hear you ask.
Well time just disappeared. I copied the ‘OAC Start’ training programme, with a few alterations for Romania (they are not much interested in the outside preaching laws in England & Wales) had some time off, did some study, got ready for going back to Romania, Julie and I actually went to Romania and that was just about that. And here we are… March!!!

Let this be written for a future generation,
that a people not yet created may praise the Lord . Ps 102 v 18

The Christmas 2003 puppet tour went really well. Traian and Lidia arrived in November and 55 performances later were on their way back home for Christmas. Called, “Another Christmas Carol” we had Scrounge, Pork Scratchins, Marley and Tiny Tum telling the story of Christmas. We travelled 699 miles and estimate that 10,000 people watched the puppets and heard the gospel. We ask God to water the seeds that were sewn.

On the 11th February with one eye fixed on the weather forecast for Eastern Europe Julie and I set off for Romania with a van full of paint and personal stuff for Beracha. All was well until we got to Hungary, we woke to find everywhere ‘white’ As we went to breakfast the question was, “How bad was the road ahead?” We decided to carry on and after 14miles the roads were clear, looking in the fields it was as though they hadn’t had any snow at all. We arrived in Alba Iulia in the evening of the 14th. The days were mixed as far as the weather was concerned, heavy snow and after two or three days it was gone. Light snow and gone by lunchtime.

Julie started to paint, starting with our bedroom and then the dining room and other bedrooms and I started on the doors. Beni was also there finishing off the tiling in the small corridor and helping Julie to paint the rooms. Traian’s brother, Horea organised a team of men to come and move all the debris and soil that had just been dumped at the back of the house. They estimated that there were about 30 cubic metres to move. In true Romanian fashion a very large digger appeared one morning with a very small lorry and three gypsies who didn’t want to work. Fortunately for them after half an hour the digger got a puncture and had to go. It didn’t re-appear that day. Eventually the men drifted away. The next day…nothing.

The day after (at 7.00 a.m.) there was a loud banging on the gate, which woke us up. Four men were in the street (different men to previous) with one of the largest lorries I have seen and a different digger (with better tyres). They were from the company who collect the household rubbish and they soon set to work. By the evening all the rubbish, soil and bricks were gone. Total cost £200. We still have to hire a ‘kango’ to take up the base of the old dye house but we’ll leave that until we are ready to start the new building.

arch 1st and 8th are special dates in Romania. One is mother’s day and the other ladies day. With these days in mind the ‘Little plate project’ was conceived. Traian, Lidia and other team members bought tea plates from a pottery in Alba Iulia, decorated them and sold them. They raised enough money to pay for transporting the local children to the weekly club and for a summer camp. Please pray for the team as they start visiting the children in their homes. Pray for good conversations and a nice welcome.

We all recognise how important prayer is and so as a supporter of this ministry and receiver of this newsletter we would like you to join us for a day of prayer and fasting (if you want) for OCA Romania on Saturday April 10th. As you go about your business can we ask you to remember Traian, Cristi, Constantin, us, the open airs, the children’s club, Bethany camp, Beracha etc: and pray. Then tell us. We would like to know what has God been saying to you about OCA Romania.

Cristi and Constantin are both fine. Constantin seems to be continually travelling around from Church to church and Cristi is at the moment organising some ‘open airs’ for the summer as well as organising the prayer groups and singing with a group called the ‘Continentals’ Please remember them both in your prayers.

The OAC Romania web site has more new stuff on it. Why not pay it a visit at www.oaci.org/branches/romania Tell us what you think of it.

Could you help us publicise this ministry? Do you organise a group in your Church? If so why not organise a missions evening or afternoon with Romania the focus? Last year we took our slides ‘on the road’ to one or two places and we would like to do it again. Contact us to arrange a date.

Within this newsletter you will have found our first shopping list. As you can see the list contains various items for ministry in Romania, some of the items are quite expensive and some not so. The idea is that individuals, families, Church groups, Churches will be able to choose an item off the list and send us either all or part of the purchase price. We would prefer to purchase the items ourselves because sometimes things are cheaper in Romania. Transport is also a consideration.

Send your gift to: -

Mr D. Saville, OAC Romania,
14 Rainham Gardens, Ruddington,
Nottingham, NG11 6HX

Remember to tell us which item you would like us to purchase.

Please pray for the summer programme of outreach. I think it’s coming together OK. Please pray that the people that come will be the people that God wants.

All’s quiet on the family front. We had the privilege of seeing Andrew graduate on the 26th January. After much threatening by his mother he was dressed in tie, cap and gown and we were there to see him receive his law degree. An agency has got him a job in the complaints department of a large finance company. They also have a legal department that Andrew is particularly interested in. Becca finishes university in May. She is putting the finishing touches to a ‘ten thousand word’ dissertation and starting a new film project. Stress!! Julie and I are fine so all’s well.

Please pray for Julie and myself at Spring Harvest in Skegness, 13th – 18th April. We are going as team members of Powerpack. Pray that God would have His way in the lives of the children and the leaders.

Julie and I are going to Philadelphia in May for the OAC International conference. From the 10th – 21st we will be with Paul & Carminia Adams and their family meeting the parents of the people who want to come to Romania this summer as well as some children’s ministry and ‘open airs’. The conference starts on the 21st and we will be staying at Lancaster Bible College for the remainder of the trip. We return home on the 31st.

We are into another year, what will God do in 2004? We look back and see a God of love and faithfulness in action, a God using all of us to call people to Himself. Praise Him!!

Pray that everything will be OK at home while we are away. We thank you for your prayers and support.

Love in Jesus name,

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