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Newsletter, June 2004

Dear Friends

Summer is coming and if you are like me you are looking forward to the hot weather. As I write this letter there are only two weeks to go before Julie and I leave for Romania. We have a full programme to look forward to with people from the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the USA coming to share the ‘Good News’ of Jesus using the sketchboard, puppets and drama in Alba Iulia, surrounding villages and Draganesti.

SPRING HARVEST was brill, as always. (You’d be surprised if I said anything different) We had 475 children aged between 5 – 7 yrs from different backgrounds and Churches, so you never know what is going to happen. You can imagine that at times it was quite lively, and it was, but there were times of quiet that were incredible. God was obviously doing something among the children…. and the leaders!! To read more about Powerpack go to http://www.powerpackministries.co.uk

Julie and I had a good time in AMERICA. From the 10th-20th we stayed with Paul & Carminia Adams (OAC Baltimore) and their two children Shauna and Cameron. We went with Paul to a housing estate where he and the team hold regular open-air meetings. The audience is largely Hispanic and quite poor. We also went to Annapolis where Paul & Gordon Loop (also OAC Baltimore) have regular open-air meetings. They have a good young team around them, which is good because both of them are getting old!!!

From the 20th – 30th was the OAC International Conference held at Lancaster Bible College. Among the items on the agenda was to elect a new International President and so Robert Siakimotu the New Zealand National Director became Gods man for the job.

Also at the conference Romania, Austria and the Ukraine were accepted as autonomous branches within OACI. It was good to be able to put faces to names and to meet people who are working in places like Ecuador, Paraguay, and Jamaica etc: OACI is growing, it is obviously part of Gods plan for this time. As mentioned on page one Julie and I leave for ROMANIA on the 21st of June reaching the border on the 24th. We would value your prayers especially on this day. Please remember us and the other team members in June, July and August. Traian has made contact with some people in CROATIA who are interested in the ministry. If we can we will ‘pop in’ to see them on the way back from Romania.

Traian has made contact with some people in CROATIA who are interested in the ministry. If we can we will ‘pop in’ to see them on the way back from Romania. Also there is a lady coming to Alba Iulia from TIMISOARA. She believes that God is calling her into full time ministry with children. She has seen the puppets and wants to learn more about them and us.

The team in BUCHAREST have a busy summer too. The parks and the streets are full in the evenings so the gospel is being preached in the nations capital.

Here are OUR PLANS as of 9th June….

Julie & I leave for Romania on the 21st June, entering Romania on the 24th.
On the 8th July Traian, Lidia, David, Julie & myself drive to Vienna for Reach The City campaign. 17th July back to Alba Iulia with other team members for programme until the 31st.
Julie and some of the team fly out of Romania on the 2nd August.
Paul and others to Draganesti until 10th.
Paul, Lidia & Traian drive to UK, possibly via Croatia to take part in Grapevine (27th-31st August) in Lincolnshire.

Please pray for travelling mercies and that the team will ‘gel’ together. TRAIAN’s ministry is going strong with more openings in schools etc: CONSTANTIN has just returned from Austria visiting relatives and preaching in Romanian Churches.

The FAMILY are well, mostly. Andrew has finished at the agency and has been given a six-month contract at the finance company. They are sending him to London soon for more training so things are looking quite good. Rebecca has now finished University and is at home wondering what to do next. For the summer holidays she has a temporary job looking after young children. Julie has recently had to have some blood tests so they can find out what is going on with her thyroid. Her back problem is still not fixed. I’m as always.. brill!! We would value prayer for all of us.

Thank you all for your support.
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