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Reach The City Bristol

Reports from 2006

June 9th to 18th, 2006 The Reports

First Update

Sunday afternoon. We got off to a wonderful start on Friday evening, the programme at Pip'n'Jay went really well and we were all encouraged and inspired by the music, the dance, and the speakers. A very big thank you to all who took part and managed to keep to time as well!

Our 6 Albanian Pastors have arrived safely with Ian and Caralee Loring and the two youngsters, Ashlie and Isaac, and the team of 13 or so OAC Staff Evangelists. We held open air meetings in Broadmead on Saturday morning, and some in the afternoon for the skate-boarders on College Green, and in the evening went down to the Waterfront. Not huge crowds, but some very good conversations, some very thoughtful young people, and of course wonderful weather. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to work in the hearts of those who stopped to listen and chat.

Saturday morning started with the encouragement of testimony from a team member who had prayed for a dead man the night before, and he had been restored to life (he died at the back of a concert, she had felt compelled to go and try to help but a Consultant was there and said there was no hope, and she just grabbed the man's arm and cried out "Oh, Jesus, HELP HIM!" and back he came.....) , Also the C of E reading for the day was about the battle of Jericho and taking the city..... AMEN. (Much of Broadmead has been tumbled down already for reconstruction! It's the people we want to contact!) So we feel elated and encouraged and faith full for the coming week.

Enormous thanks to those of you who are hosting the team, and who have provided such wonderful contributions to the meals this weekend for 30 people at a time - very, very much appreciated....

This afternoon after visiting various churches to preach, they have taken most of the team off up to Symonds Yat and Goodrich Castle, driving up the Wye Valley, and will end up with pizza and salad at Angela's home. Tomorrow at noon the participants arrive for registration and the course begins.....

A couple of slight hitches, one with the mini-bus but not far from home, the problem is being sorted out tomorrow, Monday. The 2 couples from Moody Bible Institute had their flight delayed by 24 hours in Montreal but have now arrived safely, they phoned to let us know at 5.10 a.m. on Saturday just ten minutes before Korky would have left for Heathrow - that would have been a long fruitless journey with a worrying wait. We are all quite tired but excited and full of praise and expectation of wonderful things we will see this coming week.

Please pray for the course, the teaching team, the participants, the weather, the crowds listening, the traffic noise, the safety and well-being of the families left at home, and that I manage to gauge the quantities correctly for the catering for the lunches (Trinity College are cooking our dinner!).

Will keep you posted!

Much love,

Anni Davey

Mid-week Update

What amazing weather for open air meetings - praise God for this wonderful "Yes" answer to prayer.

Thursday 15th. It's working really well having three simultaneous activities, the open air preaching, the schools/children's work training, and the open air teams going out at lunchtimes into the city centre and evenings down to the water front.

Everybody is getting stuck into conversations with people who are really interested in what the preachers have been saying. The mime has been effective in gathering the crowds, as has the Gospel "magic". New preachers are beginning to make their voices heard. We are thrilled by the number of "divine appointments" with some prayers of commitment, some back-sliders set back on the rails, and some very thoughtful listeners.

Larry Harvey joined us for the Celebration evening last Friday having prayed for some inspiration and the opportunity to get involved in some real evangelism. He thought he would join the team for Monday, and is still with us today - he did a sketchboard version of his testimony at lunchtime for the first time today. Gypsy - Criminal - Miracle. In the crowd was someone who had known him before the miracle, with two mates, whom he made to stop and listen. An amazing contact. Another lady had arranged to meet a friend in Broadmead specifically to talk to her about the Lord, as she had a gambling problem, but was a bit unsure how to tackle the subject - and there was our team, preaching, and opening up the subject for her, with Pauline ready to help with the conversation afterwards.....

The Pastor of "The Potter's House" in St. Paul's stopped at one of the Saturday evening meetings and was very keen for someone from his flock to learn how to do it - so Del and Omar joined us for the evening course in preaching with a sketchboard, and are really enjoying the whole experience and excited by the situations they find themselves in out in the open air.

The most encouraging situation of the whole week (so far!!!) was an open air meeting at 1 p.m.today which filled one side of Broadmead's central area with people, one of the largest crowds Korky has ever seen in the open air. Lots of people were snapping away with digital cameras so we hope to send you a photo soon. It was a marvellous presentation by Pete Hodge and Steve Gurnett who lead the Cardiff and London OAC teams. They built a huge crowd with Pete's escapology and then between them made a tremendously powerful presentation of the Gospel which led to a lot of conversations afterwards with the team, of whom there are about 50......

We are full of praise and joy and excitement and we are also extremely tired! Please pray for Friday and Saturday's outreach, as the students practise their talks, and the children's team get ready for a presentation in Blaise at 12 noon on Saturday too. Back to Pip'n'Jay at 3 p.m. for tea and a big clearing up session! They have been absolutely wonderful to have us there, we have used every room in the place to the full all day every day!

Thank you all SO MUCH for your prayers and help!

With love

Anni and Korky

Brief final report

Reach The City - Bristol went really well, the weather was great and Korky reckons there must have been about 1,000 conversations with people after the open air presentations, of which 300 or so were serious, and half a dozen people committed their lives to Christ there and then - but there will be more as the Holy Spirit gets to work in others. Do pray for them all. The team all want to do the same again next year - dates 1-7 July - this time based at Trinity College, and hopefully including Bible College students on placement too. Keep the dates free? Previous Friday will be the Celebration Service again, too.

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