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OACI Update, 2003

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If Only...

A small house stood in the middle of a wheat field. The tall stalks of wheat waved in the wind around the house like a mighty rolling sea. A curious little two-year-old child wandered into the waves of grain and soon was lost from sight. The cold night approached, which would surely freeze the child to death, if more >>

Austria, Reach The City

Famous for its music, art and beautiful scenery and with economic prosperity, austrians would appear to have everything the world can offer. Bout 'once you look behind the scenes, you find many of them trapped in problems,' says Stefan, one of our Austrian evangelists. more >>

United States

For over 30 years, OAC staff evengelist George Naggy has been preaching the gospel on the streets of New York city. Recently, on Fulton Street in downtown Brooklyn, Sandra (37) heard George's voice and recognised the message as something she had heard in her youth. more >>


More than 200 people attended OAC's 28th annual seminar in Melbourne. It was called Creative Children's Ministry. There were Sunday school teachers, religious education teachers, beach mission workers, after school club workers and so on. All had a common desire to be more effective more >>

Great Britain

Tell a Tourist is a two-week summer outreach conducted by OAC and the London City Mission. OAC evengelists and LCM missionaries led a team of mainly young people to key London locations, such as Leicester Square, Covent Garden, Hyde Park and Tower Hill. Hundreds listened more >>


Just south of the Chinese border in NE India, OAC is establishing its latest branch of ministry in the state of Assam. Here 27 million people live, of which 65% are Hindus, and 31% are Muslims. Most people in the Hindu villages will come to our open air film meetings and will listen to an illustrated gospel message. more >>


One evening while a message was being preached in the open air, Robert, in his 30s, stopped to listen. He asked, 'What motivates you to preach here outside?' more >>


Nineteen years ago, our evangelist Ben van den Akker took a team of thirty people to a camping site at Elzenhof. Ben offered to do children's meetings, but the owner hesitated because it was not a Christian camp. more >>


For almost 20 years Keith Phillips has been preaching the good news to thousands of students in the public schools of Jamaica. Hundreds have prayed to trust Christ as Saviour. Recently, after one school assembly, he received a wonderful surprise. more >>

South Pacific

OAC New Zealand is reaching out to islands of the South Pacific, including Samoa. Located astride the date line, just south of the equator, Samoa consists of two large volcanic islands and seven small islands. Missionaries reached these islands over a century ago, but each generation needs to be evangelised. more >>


Drugs, alcohol, teenage pregnancies and Aids are problems steadily increasing in the South American country of Paraguay.These have become an open door for evangelism. more >>


'I grew up on an island with tradition and myth stories engulfing my life,' says Wesele, our newest evangelist with OAC Fiji. 'Rebellion against families, village and school was part of me. more >>


In a little city, where many go to use drugs, permission was granted for the first time to use the centre plaza for evangelism. Many youg people came to see the programme, with none leaving. One official said, 'When you want to come back to our city, you can use the plaza for anything you need. We need help!' more >>


For 130 years Ukraine suffered unrelenting persecution in which millions of Christians were killed. Since independence was declared in 1991, evangelical churches have nearly doubled. more >>


After being cursed by his mother and told that she wished he had never been born, Carlos left home and travelled to Quito. He was thinking of suicide as he came upon an open air meeting more >>


Before the revolution, in 1989-90, churches were oppressed and sometimes severely persecuted. Since 1989, the evangelical church has grown slowly, but there is a great need for evangelism. more >>


'My parents decided to try church for three months. During this time i was ten years old and attended a Vacation Bible School. Chuck Phelps (OAC evangelist) told a story on how to get to heaven. By the third night, I couldn't take it any more more >>

News in brief

... from Albania, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Slovakia, Latvia and Switzerland. more >>

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