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OACI Update, 2004 - Reports from the Front Line Ministry of OACI

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Faithful to the end - a word from our president

On April 11, 1912, John Harper boarded the Titanic. He was an evangelist from Scotland and on his way to speak at the Moody Church in Chicago. At 11.40 p.m. on April 12, the Titanic struck an iceberg and the unsinkable ship began to sink. Harper kissed his daughter goodbye and she was put on lifeboat nº 11. Soon she would become an orphan at the age of six years. He then gave his life jacket to a fellow passenger, leaving himself with no chance of survival. Amidst the sounds of terror, Harper was seen on the upper deck on his knees, surrounded by terrified passengers, praying for their salvation. more >>

Ghana - new work from a holiday trip

After bringing many young people on OAC mission trips to South America, Mike Baumgardner felt led to take a select group of them to Ghana. They were well trained in our methods of evengelism and soon found themselves ministering in a harvest field. more >>

USA - international student outreach

College and university campuses are good places to preach the gospel. Recently, a muslim student became very angry when Christ was presented as Savious and Lord. The muslim kept yelling, 'Jesus is not God! You are lying!' more >>

Great Britain - back to school

The state of the poor in mid-Victorian England challenged evangelical christians to respond and in 1867 Charles haddon Spurgeon opened his first orphanage. other evangelicals were moved to open similar works all over the UK and from these early beginnings the modern school system grew. Now, some 135 years later, British OAC evangelists visit about 750 schools each term, reaching approximately 225,000 children. more >>

Belgium - ship ministry

About 50 ships sail in and out of Antwerp every day. Ben, our OAC evangelist reports: "I visited a ship under the Saudi flag. The crew appeared to be Filipino and Indian. They showed great openness and many Bibles found new owners. I started a conversation with the cook and asked where he came from. more >>

Ecuador - reaching the Amerindians

In Ecuador, 26% of the population is Amerindian. They live mostly in very closed Roman Catholic communities. David and Monica of OAC Ecuador were invited by a little church (12 members) in an indian community called Olmedo, to present the gospel in the open air. Once there, the Catholic authorities called the people telling them Protestants had come to break their traditions, etc.. more >>

Australia - teachers and pupils

When Wes was training Religious Education teachers for public schools, one of them said, "Do you remember me? You came to my high school back in the 70s and that's when I became a christian." Now she is going into schools telling children about Jesus. more >>

Ukraine - true freedom

Since the 15th century, many inthe Ukraine have been involved in the occult, alcoholism and atheism. Over 70 years of communism increased this deception. Today there is freedom, but every third Ukrainian has a problem with alcohol and many are still influenced by the occult. Oac staff and teams now go out to these tired and hurting people proclaiming freedom in Christ. more >>

New Zealand - immigrant outreach

Chinese immigrants have had a long history in New Zealand. Recently, immigrant has increased, mainly from Hong Kong and taiwan. A Chinese Mandarin church in Aukland sponsored an evangelistic programme led by OAC, which drew an average of 150 children each day. more >>

Germany - holiday clubs

School vacations can be very boring for children if they don't go away with their parents, so the authorities of some cities organise Vacation games for Children. if churches are involved in this, it can be a great evangelistic opportunity. In Neumünster, 40 christians from four different churches worked together with OAC for ten days at a large public open air swimming pool more >>


Open Air meetings are held regularly in Suva. One lady who responded and gave her life to Christ, was seen reading the Steps to peace with God leaflet shortly after. During the South Pacifi Games held on the island, OAC worked with five churches and teams went out from 11 to 2 and 4 to 5. Many people listened to the open air programmes with 60 being counselled for salvation along with 100 for recommittment. more >>

Brazil - from drugs to Christ

It used to be that Jose, our Brazilian director, had to work very hard asking principals of public schools for assemblies. Now they call him, keeping his staff very busy with a full schedule. Through drama, video clips and illustrated gospel messages, they are presenting the gospel to mainly high school students. more >>


David Gabrielyan, our evangelist, reports on a new wider ministry: "I just returned from a mission trip to a little town in the Moscow area. During 3 days with a baptist church we organised film meetings in a Culture Centre (built for the Communists to indoctrinate people). I arrived there, put out posters and distributed invitaitonal flyers. God dia a miracle. The first day we had 100 people, and the next two days we had 250 in the hall which holds up to 300! more >>


Prairie Bible Institue is known for its emphasis on missions. Larry took our OAC seminar there and immediately put into practice the methods he had learned. A few months later, he led Chris to the Lord following a regular open air meeting in Calgary. Larry, who is in full time ministry, baptised Chris shortly afterwards. more >>


Beth was praying about coming on an American mission team to OAC in Paraguay. She was hesitant until she had a dream in which she saw the figure of a young man. Feeling that this was from God, she came looking to witness to this person. on April 10th, another school had requested the team to come, making four schools for that day. During the presentation of the gospel in that school, Beth suddenly saw the young man of her dream. more >>

Austria and beyond- Reach The City

July 9th was a special day for Michael in reach the City, a week of evangelism held in several cities with OAC. It was the first time he had preached the gospel on the street. One year before, he had become a christian through Reach the City in Poland more >>

Jamaica - over a million reached in 20 years

The 20th anniversary of OAC Jamaica was reported in the newspaper and on TV. By God's grace, well over a million people (some more than once) have attended the open air and school assemblies in this island of 2.5 million. more >>

News in brief

More news from around the world. (CH, USA, ALB, DK, GR, NL, IRL, RO, SK) Read on! more >>

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