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International Update, 2005, Reports from the Front Line

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Mark 1:14-19. - So, why did Jesus choose fishermen? more >>

International Web Site Multiplying Ministry

'I am looking for Spanish speaking short-term opportunities for people in my congregation' (US church); 'I feel that God is calling me to do mission work. I'm just not sure how to go about doing it.'; 'Please send me information on possibilities within your organisation.' ; 'When is the 2005 Reach City scheduled for Vienna? What opportunities are available for short term teams from the U.S. to be involved in?' These are just a few examples of enquiries, which reached us from our web site in early November 2004. more >>


This is a special picture for us, as it shows the way God uses the unlikely, to work through to show His glory. more >>


We teamed up with the Emmanuel Bible Baptist church from Tandapi. When we were giving instructions, about what to do when the people came to the front to receive Christ, one member said “Nobody will come forward. This town is hard-hearted”. It began to rain heavily but the people kept on coming, and halfway through the movie some 200 people had been counted. more >>


Because we have a great opportunity in the plazas, cities, and schools, here in Brazil, the harvest is very big. We have ministry at the schools because there is a big problem with drug use. At one of our meetings in the schools, we performed a drama about drugs and shared a message. After the programme two teachers came to us and told us that they received Jesus. more >>


Much has changed in Russia today. In Cultural Centres, built by the Communists to teach communities their atheistic doctrines, the gospel is now being proclaimed through our films and messages. more >>


2004 marked the centennial of the Welsh revival. The last weekend of October 04 saw various events held to celebrate the great move of God’s Spirit through Evan Roberts and many others. Here in the capital city, Cardiff, a weekend of special meetings was planned featuring well known speakers Luis Palau and Selwyn Hughes. more >>


Although Ukraine is still going through political struggles, after being freed from Communism in 1991, our Ukrainian evangelists enjoy the freedom to openly preach the gospel. more >>

NEW ZEALAND TRAINING - School Of Evangelism

While in England, God spoke to me about raising up church evangelists. Upon my return to New Zealand I sought permission to run the `OAC Ministries School of Evangelism’ by way of night classes. more >>


Christmas markets - our second season: Christmas markets are attracting thousands of people into the towns. Small log cabins are used for selling different things such as handcraft, books, food, and the like. more >>


My friend, Robert Huang and I, have been going door to door, talking to many different people. There have been several opportunities where we have been able to have lengthy conversations with some. We have talked with Muslims, Buddhists, Catholics, Atheists, Hindus, Christians and Agnostics. The people were not only from Holland but also Spain, Mexico, Thailand, China, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Jordan, Albania, India, etc. This is a real hub for people, from all over the world. more >>


Praise God for the opportunities to share His precious word in our schools, parks, military bases, streets and anywhere else that people can be reached. more >>


"I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit remain”. Jn.15:16a. God has called us to be sowers of seed, and he who sows will surely reap some day. God is faithful to His word. more >>


Our staff, here in America, have been able to train many mission teams this past year, and lead them out to minister in Brazil, Paraguay, many parts of Europe and beyond. more >>

NEW ZEALAND Jubilee Celebration

This year OAC New Zealand celebrated 50 years of the work in our country. These celebrations took place mainly in the centres where we have branches. more >>


Dean is an ex-prisoner, now on parole, and serving the Lord with his musical talent. I teamed up with Dean and I painted his songs while he was singing, not knowing ahead of the time what it would be. But the picture and music harmonized really well. more >>


We are still able to communicate the gospel to a good number of people in the open air meetings in Fiji. Crowds of 50 people or more stopped to listen to the gospel being preached by Eroni and Wesele, our two staff members in Fiji. more >>


The National Coordinator of OAC Ministries in Australia, Alan Dodgshun, passed away on 1st December 2004. Some twelve months ago Alan was diagnosed with cancer, which brought increasing health difficulties. Several staff members and friends participated in a triumphant Thanksgiving Service held in Melbourne, where Alan had also been Director of the Victorian Branch of the Australian ministry. more >>

In Brief, from around Europe

Manchester: Pray for Geoff and Doreen Beckingham and their family who teach bible in schools. Please pray for strength and enthusiasm for these lessons as the schedule has increased this year. more >>

General Requests

Join us in praying for the extension of God's kingdom though the ministry of OAC evangelists: more >>


Never before have there been so many opportunities to be involved in missions; so many open doors, and so many people coming to Christ. Is God calling you to become involved?

more >>

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