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OACI Update, 2006

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From The President…

‘The Harvest is Plentiful…But the Workers are few’. (Matthew.9: 37) more >>


Harvest is ready in Bolivia Hello, This is one of my pictures from the ministry we were involved with in Bolivia. To summarize this picture: Paul is preaching in a school assembly, I am preaching in a university, we have different kinds of training. They are puppets, drama, and sketch board. I hope you enjoy and God bless. more >>


Native America 2005
The harvest is ready among the Native Americans Every summer many children participate in Bible Camps. This year one camper led another to faith in Jesus Christ. Some of these kids are Native Americans, some have a parent or loved one in prison. Through OAC and scholarship programs they are able to attend. It takes a lot of staff to teach and feed the children. Pictured is Jeremy who was a counselor in the past. more >>


Stefansplatz 2005
REACH THE CITY 2005 in Vienna, Austria “Being disciples – making disciples!“ was the theme of the 9th annual training and outreach week. 58 participants from 5 countries had a great time learning to share the gospel in creative ways. More than 2/3 of the participants were Austrians. Astrid from Vienna has joined the REACH THE CITY team for the second time and through it has been encouraged to share her faith publicly. Her excitement about evangelism has spread to other members of her church as well. Astrid is now helping to teach other believers how to share the Good News and is a faithful member of our team. more >>

UGANDA, Africa

Uganda 2005
Young Harvesters This picture is of a 12 yr. old girl who told the story of Jairus to a church full of Sunday school children and adults and held them captivated for half an hour, following up her sketch board message with questions to make sure they had all understood properly. Apparently there are another 100 like her! Alan and Margaret Reader were there - they facilitate our visits to Uganda, more >>


NL 1 2005
Dear all, Last Saturday Rob and I went to Arnhem for the outreach. Rob was invited to share his experiences as an evangelist. While Rob was sharing his testimony, some team members were having troubles to talk about sin with the lost. Rob taught the team how to confront the lost with their sin. After finishing his testimony, we went out on the street with the team. Rob and I preached twice and we had a good crowd. There were some Muslim people standing there with their literature and listening to our preaching. A Muslim guy even came to us to say that he was amazed about the way we were sharing the gospel. more >>


Denmark 2005
Young people received Christ Several years we have been doing a two week outreach at a camp site in the south of Denmark. The camp site is run by a Christian couple who would like the gospel preached to people at their camp site. Every day we are doing 2 children's programmes, junior kids programme around the fire and a gospel café tent during the night for teenagers. more >>


Ecuador 2005
The harvest is ready in the military and police On April 6 we had planned to fly in the morning, it was raining so much that it was impossible. We prayed and by noon the sky just opened up and we all flew in an ARAVA plane from the ARMY. We flew for one hour towards the Amazon river, very close to Peru. We preached and showed a film to the 196 soldiers that are protecting our frontiers with Peru. The next day we preached in a very primitive Indian community that speak the Peruvian quechua language. When we asked if they wanted to receive the Lord in order to be reconciled with God, the chief raised His voice and told David we all need to receive the Lord Jesus. more >>


Tonga 2005
The harvest is ready in the South Pacific Three OAC staff, Neil Shaskey, Isabelle Sutton, Susan Watson and four youth from Emmett Street Christian Centre comprised a team that had two weeks outreach in Tonga between 8th to 24th July. They conducted 30 meetings presenting the Gospel to approximately 3266 people through five church services, six high school meetings, seven youth programmes, two primary age meetings, one prison meeting, one open air meeting and a half hour programme on National Television. more >>


Scotland 2005
Teen Magic Teenagers thronging to a Gospel message sounds like a conjuring feat in itself according to some people. But young people are enjoying horse riding, canoeing and the Good News about Jesus at Teen Ranch in Perthshire, Scotland. Open Air Campaigners (OAC) workers Roger and Rosemary Gray help with innovative Gospel magic. more >>


Philippines 2005
Praise God! This afternoon the open air church ministry has our first out meeting. Glory to God very exciting because the attendance is about 70 or more. There are 27 forwarded to accept the invitation. Our team immediately plan to have another out meeting tomorrow. I've send also Brother Rob the report and the pictures of our first meeting. I thank God that OAC really now revive. Glory to God. more >>


Spain training 2005
Training and equipping the harvesters Things at Moody have been progressing very nicely. When it seems as though things are getting tough and impossible, God provides strength and grace and He has been bringing me through. Open-air evangelism has been going extremely well. If anything, I am most excited about the leaders in each group. They are, for the most part, very qualified for the ministry of the Gospel. It has been a joy to pray for future leaders this week, that I might replace myself and that God's name would be preached on Chicago streets 'till He returns. more >>


Fiji 2005
Open Air evangelism in Fiji is still the most effective method of reaching more people with the gospel. At our recent open meetings there were at least 10-15 people responded to invitation to trust Christ as their Saviour at each meeting. Crowds of up to 40-50 people stopped an listened to the gospel being preached by the OAC evangelists in Fiji. more >>

News in brief….

"BIBLICAL PATTERNS OF EVANGELISM" Korky Davey’s first book has had 30,000 "hits" in its first two years, and at the moment is running at about 700 a month. Apparently most readers are third world people and will include many of our trainees in the Ukraine and Russia, some of whom are planting one or two churches a year through their street ministry. It's also a set book on evangelism in the Baptist Seminary in North Carolina. http://www.korky.info more >>

Please pray for...

Manchester: Pray for Geoff and Doreen Beckingham and their family who teach Bible in schools. Please pray for strength and enthusiasm for these lessons as the schedule has increased this year. more >>


Never before have there been so many opportunities to be involved in missions; so many open doors, and so many people coming to Christ. Is God calling you to become involved? more >>

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