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International Update, 2008

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Ecuador 2007
Recently we had the opportunity to present the gospel of Jesus Christ at the Police Department, and Air Force & Navy bases in Manta (see photo). Another part of our ministry is neighbourhood film meetings. In one place called “Circunvalación,” around 30 people prayed to receive Jesus in their hearts. We invited them to a home Bible study, and Edwin and his wife came. Jackeline, the hostess of the Bible study, discipled them for almost two months. Recently, Edwin had an accident and passed away. We couldn’t imagine that the Lord was giving Edwin that night, his last opportunity to receive the Lord and be saved. Last Sunday, Edwin’s wife and mother came to our church. As evangelists, we do not know what the Lord is doing around us, but if we are just obedient to His command to proclaim the gospel everywhere to everybody we can, the Lord will use us for His purposes and His glory.

David & Monica Proano
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