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International Update, 2008

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India March 2007
In our West Bengal Branch, our OAC evangelists have seen a number of churches and small house fellowships started from those who have come to Christ through their ministry. In one village, where there was only one Christian family and a newly converted pastor, a church was planted after an open-air film meeting. The picture shows some of the congregation, as they came to help on another open-air outreach. In another area, a pastor planted a church from 15 families that had come to Christ after hearing our evangelists proclaim the Good News. In another village, where the people did not allow our evangelists to do ministry, they returned one year later to try again. This time they were not stopped, but showed a film and preached. Now there is a church with more than 30 families. Christ is building His church in India.

David Wilson. (George Oommen Driector)
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