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International Update, 2008

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USA 2007
Mark Kennedy and Paul Adams shared the gospel recently at the Baltimore Juvenile Prison. After Paul shared his testimony and a short message, he approached a young man with a gospel of John. He asked him his name to which he responded, "Satan." Paul told him that God loved him and that he, too, was once a scoffer but was now a believer. Paul then went to another table and talked with some other youths. As he was talking, the young man who said his name was Satan came over and said, "I want to listen to what you have to say." Paul shared the gospel with them all and at the end asked if they had any prayer requests? This same young man responded, "Yes, I want to pray to be saved." Paul explained to him, for a good ten minutes, the cost of his request - that he would have to turn from his own way and to God and to trust Jesus, His shed blood on the cross, and His resurrection from the dead. Paul asked, "Is this what you want to do?" The young man said, "Yes." Paul then instructed him to pray in his own words confessing his sins and placing his trust in Jesus and His work on the cross. Praise God, the young man bowed his head and prayed to trust Jesus.

Blessings, John Cutlip
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