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International Update, 2008

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DENMARK - Jesus changed my life.

Denmark 2007
Every summer we are a team of about 20 people doing a two -week outreach at the biggest camp site in Denmark. The camp site is owned by a Christian couple who wants us there to share the good news about Jesus amongst children and youth. One of the activities is a youth café every night, where we talk and witness and drink coffee. At midnight we preach a short message. There was a message this summer which was very encouraging. One of the young guys, who visited us several times in previous years, became a Christian during the last year. He gave his testimony: "Some of you know me. I lived my life far away from God, but I became a Christian, because Jesus changed my life." It was wonderful to hear it. And the others listened very carefully. We are looking forward to next year. We hope and pray that some of them will receive Christ during the next year.

Greetings, Torben
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