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International Update, 2008

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The small town called Katuzhanka lies in the Chernobyl zone. Two years ago, one of the Kiev churches sent a missionary there, and he started a new church. He wrote to many missions for help in carrying out evangelistic programs, but all were afraid to come because of the radiation. When he asked us to come, to be honest we were afraid, too, but nevertheless we resolved to go. At one program, after the message of the gospel, many people lifted their hands expressing their desire for Christ to change their lives. After the program a man approached us who was 47 - 50 years old. He told how four months ago, after he had drunk plenty of vodka, he had severely beaten his wife and children. We saw how heavy and ashamed he was to tell us about his deeds. Now, having prayed to accept Christ into his heart, he told us that he really loved his wife and children very much and wished to ask their forgiveness. Our task as evangelists is to carry the Good News to people everywhere, even if it’s in the Chernobyl zone.

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