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International Update, 2008

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Philippines 2007
On July 12, one of our young people who is a member of our team, Mariel Babor was requested by his values teacher to handle the class for one hour during two classes . He used the giant Evange Cube to present the gospel. The attendance of the two classes was 120 students and almost all responded to the invitation. Glory to God! This happened because inside the campus seven of them were using the small Evange Cube for their one-on-one soul winning and thrice already they have used the board painting to preach in the school. So the teacher saw that these young people has courage to share and one was given a chance to do so for just that time in two class rooms. The head teacher knew it, and she called Mariel to her office she told Mariel that she is going to arrange the time that our team members could have the privilege to share with all the high school students. Praise God!

Bless ya! Rob.
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