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International Update, 2008

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HIGHLIGHTS: from India, Slovakia, Singapore, Boston USA.

INDIA. God gave us many blessings through open-air meetings and school programmes. We saw around 3000 school children in our school meetings. Our evangelists taught them the word of life in open-air meetings at the school campus. Many students responded. OAC Assam did some evangelism work at rural places. In some places we had to carry our materials on foot for the open-air meetings . Many people received the Gospel after seeing our programme. S.K.Soothing

SLOVAKIA We have had a very busy few months with camps for all ages from 7—21. With all the camps, we have seen some great things, and we hope to see their faith stronger the next time they come to camp. We will continue to pray that they will come to know Christ in a deeper way. I wish you God’s blessing and His strength in all the work you are doing for Him. Katka Bencova

SINGAPORE Gayle and I were in Singapore recently where we had been speaking to primary school groups of up to 800 kids. Gayle, as Chloe the clown, was the star! There were also quite a number of training events with a larger group of teachers at a church where I was bringing a brand new topic ("Maintaining the Passion"). May I ask you to not only remember us, but also my NSW co-worker, Neil, who recently had heart by-pass surgery. Also, that we might have some of the Singapore rain in Aussie! Thanks so much! Rob and Gayle.

BOSTON, USA Eight out of ten people we speak to here in Boston are from a foreign country and are now living here in the States. It is so exciting to witness to Muslims from Africa, people from the Middle East and the Far East, Europe, Central and South America right here on our own soil. In our subway ministry, we have the privilege of sharing the Lord with a new group of people every 10 minutes. A new group of 40 to 50 people file in and sit down to wait for a train each time. We preach the gospel approximately every 10 to 20 minutes making sure we leave time to counsel one-on-one. This means that over 1,000 people hear the gospel every week. Please pray that we may continue to have freedom to do this type of preaching without problems from the subway security personnel.

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