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International Update, 2008

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Please pray for...

We really appreciate your support and particularly prayer!Here are just a few things for which you can be praying, things which will forward the gospel through us around the globe in 2008. Pray for:

· All the OAC staff and their families around the world.

- God’s covering and protection over them all.

- God’s provision of resources needed for effective ministry and family needs.

· Fruitful ministry and lasting results from their ministry opportunities.

· All the OAC leadership teams in each country where OAC is now established.

· More countries to be opened allowing OACI to start a new branch in the next five years.

· More people to be reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ in the next 12-24 months in each of the OAC branches around the world.

· More supporters (prayer and financial) to join the present support teams in all the OAC branches worldwide.

· The next OACI conference in Toronto, Canada, May 22-30, 2008.

OACI -> aids -> International Update