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International Update, 2008

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Brazil 2007
Near Campinas is a poor city called Monte-Mor. We went there to hold an open-air movie meeting with a pastor. Around his church were many houses that the people use for Spiritism. It is a very difficult place to work and a real war against Satan. The pastor has two women working there week by week for preaching the gospel to the kids, but the spirits have been trying to impede the kids from hearing the gospel. It is a hard work, but we went there and invited the people during the afternoon to see an open-air movie. And the people came! I preached after the movie, and when I invited the people to accept Jesus, approximately 25 people came and prayed with us! The Pastor has been visiting these people in their homes to give continuous follow-up. It was a hard war there, but Christ gave us the victory.

Bruno & Camila
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