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Our Ministry Locations

Mexico South Asia
Jamaica Bahamas
Bolivia New Zealand

You can find OACI ministry in many parts of the world, most especially those areas where open air preaching is permitted or at least not actively persecuted. There are national branches in many of these countries, those in which we have established resident workers and ministries. In many other lands we are also involved in regular ministry, in some of these working towards the establishment of a national branch.

Here is a full list of national branches and lands where regular ministry is under development. You can find us working in the following locations:

In the Americas...

Bahamas, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Jamaica, Mexico, Paraguay, USA

Also OAC Overseas Ministries (USA)

In Africa...

Uganda, Kenya

In Asia...

South Asia

In Europe...

Albania, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France également en français, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Romania, Russia, The Slovak Republic, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine

In the Pacific...

Australia, Fiji, New Zealand

Apologies that our mapmaster is unavailable to update each time the organisation grows! You may find some dots are either wrongly placed or completely missing.

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OACI -> where we are