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With over one billion people, millions of gods, and over 6000 illegal castes, India is the world's largest democracy. Almost 80% of the population call themselves Hindus, about 12% Muslim, and perhaps 2% evangelical Christians. There are 18 scheduled languages, Hindi being spoken by 66%. English is spoken by 19%. While India's constitution does provide for full religious freedom for all religions, a Hindu extreme nationalist movement is persecuting Christians in several areas. Some Christians have been martyred. The church, however, continues to grow.

OAC in India

While missionary visas for evangelism are virtually impossible to obtain, there are thousands on Indian believers who have the gift of the evangelist. They need no visa, high salary, language school, or cultural orientation. With training in Bible College and in evangelism, they can be mobilized to reach their countrymen with the good news of salvation. OAC has 5 branches in India, each operating with national evangelists who are reaching multiplied thousands with the message of Christ. Partnering with local churches, they are reaching crowds of up to 1000 in open air meetings, most of whom having never heard the gospel. Sometimes churches are planted from the response. Many are doing Bible Correspondence Courses.

Our national evangelists hold open air outreaches mainly in the villages where most people live. People of all castes come to our film meetings, and listen intently as our evangelists preach the gospel. The message of the cross knows no class distinction. Many are surprised to hear that salvation is by grace through faith in Christ alone. This comes in great contrast to the their religion that teaches it is a process through reincarnation and rituals.

Some pray to trust Christ for salvation following the messages, and many throng our evangelists afterwards for decision booklets that contain cards for our free Bible Correspondence Courses. Others come to faith in Christ as they do these Bible studies. All outreaches are done in partnership with evangelical churches, and some of these have planted churches from the response.

In a needy land, the love of God can also be well and clearly communicated through social support activities. With this in mind, OAC has an orphanage and several sewing schools. The children and ladies learn many skills useful for life, but none more important than the Way of Salvation!

Currently, we have branches in the Punjab, West Bengal, Assam, Karnataka and Kerala. Including staff in the associated social support activities, we have some 20 staff, of whom 16 are evangelists.

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OACI -> where we are