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Recent studies suggest that on any one Sunday, at least 90% of Australians are not in church. A 1998 survey found that 34% of all Australians do not believe in God, this figure rising to 50% of those aged 18 to 24.

How can we reach them?

OAC Ministries in Australia is committed to the task of reaching unchurched Australians with the Gospel, and equipping and encouraging God's people for a life and ministry of outreach.

A Brief History

1892 Barrister E P Field preaches to lunch-hour crowds in Martin Place, Sydney, and forms the NSW Prayer Band to support this ministry.
1913 The Prayer Band is renamed the NSW Evangelistic Prayer Band.
1921 Former missionary W Bradley joins the Prayer Band. In 1922 he changes the name to 'Open Air Campaigners'. Gospel wagons are used to take the gospel message to people throughout NSW.
1939 OAC Works among the armed services during World War II.
1940 - 1950 The work extends to the states of Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and overseas.
1983 Open Air Campaigners becomes OAC Ministries (Australia) Ltd. They are committed to Outreach And Church Ministries.
1986 OAC Family Life Programs started.

Today OAC Ministries operates in five states of Australia and nineteen countries worldwide.

The Work

Beach Mission, Australia

Beach Mission, Australia

In Australia, OAC Ministries has 6 main areas of ministry:

We recognise that the local church is God's agent for evangelism. Therefore, where possible, we work alongside churches, helping them to reach out to people in their community.

We conduct programs for people of all ages, sensitively challenging them with the gospel and introducing them to the local church. These programs may include such activities as dinners, breakfasts, coffee mornings or evenings, family festivals, after-school kid's programmes, youth specials and more.

Holiday Programmes

Reaching out to people during the holiday season

Fun at the beach!
Each summer, and especially at the Christmas and Easter holiday periods, Australians flock to the beaches. This is an excellent time to reach people outside their normal daily routine. Captivating, interactive evangelistic programs draw large crowds. Families hear the good news through puppets, drama, music and other innovative presentations.

Many of these people request bibles and other Christian literature. Some are willing to talk with team members about the Gospel, and some take that important step of trusting Christ.

OAC Ministries has a strong team of volunteers who help in these beach missions and other holiday outreaches.

Kids' Holiday Clubs are another avenue we use to reach young people who otherwise may never hear the gospel message.

Schools Ministry

Presenting the christian message in Australian schools

School program
In most Australian states, schools allow for some Religious Education. OAC teams conduct hundreds of special school seminars each year in conjunction with R.E. teachers, Chaplains and Ministers' Fraternals. Puppets, drama, music and other creative techniques are used to convey the Christian message effectively. Our staff are accredited to teach in government school Religious Education programmes.

We also assist in the training of Australia's large team of volunteer Religious Education teachers.

Camp Ministry

Building relationships, teaching & modelling the christian life

Camps provide a unique environment in which to present the gospel of Christ. We organise and speak at camps for evangelistic, follow-up and teaching purposes. These include children's, youth and family camps.

Specialised Training

Equipping God's people for evangelism

OAC Ministries is committed to training people in effective evangelism. Every year we run Creative Children's Ministry Seminars. We involve young people from various churches in our ministry and offer long term on-the-job training in the form of an internship. We also produce evangelism resources that are easy to use, practical and effective.

The VTeam

Multiplying our ministry by training and equipping volunteer teams

As part of our commitment to training, all of our branches have a team of volunteers who help in our evangelistic programs. These 'VTeam' members learn as they help. They contribute greatly to our ministry, and the skills they learn make them more effective in their home churches.

Partners in Ministry

You can be an effective part of this strategic ministry by praying for the OAC Ministries team. Each state branch of OAC Ministries publishes a regular newsletter with up-to-date prayer requests.

Like other missionary organisations, OAC Ministries is able to fulfil its part in the Great Commission as a result of gifts from committed friends who are dedicated to the same purpose.

Contact and Web

OAC Ministries Australia,
PO Box 4499 Doncaster Heights Vic 3109
Tel (+61) 3 9840 1544
Nat email: national@oac.org.au

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