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60 YEARS in the USA - since 1958 incorporation!

July 4th Open Air Opportunity! (Mark Sohmer)
Although Open Air Campaigners began in Australia, in God's timing the ministry began to expand into other countries. In 1950's, a servant of God by the name of Jim Duffecy and a team of evangelists were exploring the possibility of bringing the work of OAC to North America. In 1956, the Director of Slavic Gospel Association in Chicago arranged for the team to stay at their headquarters building. On September 27th, 1956 on the corner of Quincy and State Street in downtown Chicago, the very first OAC open-air meeting took place. We incorporated in 1958 and so we rejoice in God's preservation of this work for the past 50 years here in America.

Today, America remains a viable mission field. Although 63 percent of the population claim church membership, only 20% are evangelical. Multitudes of totally unevangelized people groups exist within the USA including cultists, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs. Others who also need to be reached with the salvation message include Native Americans and émigrés in varying numbers from every nation in the world! In fact, not only is America a viable mission field, but it is a growing mission field as well. Peoples from most of the mission fields of the world are coming the North America in unprecedented numbers and remain nearly as unevangelized here as they were in their native country.

The task of Open Air Campaigners in the USA is to conduct evangelistic ministry of preaching the Gospel to these lost people and mobilize the body of Christ through effective open-air outreach. Visit our USA web site for more specific information on how we go about this important task of evangelism and how you can also be involved as, together, we "Present Christ By All Means Everywhere."

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